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British foreign ministry delegation arrives in Pyongyang.

BEIJING, Jan. 24 Kyodo

A British diplomatic delegation arrived in Pyongyang on Tuesday, the (North) Korean Central Television Station, monitored in Beijing, reported Wednesday.

The delegation led by the director of the Asia-Pacific, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, arrived in Pyongyang by plane, according to the report.

The delegation is the first British authority to visit North Korea since Britain has become the latest member of the 15-country European Union (EU) to open diplomatic ties with North Korea.

Following official talks that took place in London on Dec. 7-12, the two sides agreed formal ties be set up ''with immediate effect.''

''It was agreed representation would be at ambassadorial level as soon as each side had made the necessary arrangements to open a resident mission in the other's capital,'' the statement said.

The talks were led on the British side by Rosalind Marsden, director of the Asia-Pacific, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and on the North Korean side by Kim Chun Kuk, director general of the Foreign Ministry's European Affairs Department.

The talks followed the announcement Oct. 19 by Foreign Secretary Robin Cook that Britain was ready to respond positively to an invitation from North Korean Foreign Minister Paek Nam Sun to establish diplomatic relations.
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Publication:Asian Political News
Date:Jan 29, 2001
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