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British ambassador meets inspiring Egyptian women.

By: Egypt Today staff CAIRO -- 19 May 2017: British Ambassador to Egypt John Casson visited Alexandria Thursday, where he met with "four inspiring women who followed their passion and proved that the Egyptian woman can lead the society," Casson tweeted. Casson met with fashion designer Vivian Moawad, activist Mai Hamada, Yoga teacher and athlete Farida Abou el-Dahab and world champion Squash player Nour el-Sherbini. "Egypt is not merely Cairo, the government and the achievement of men," Casson tweeted, posting a photo of the four "inspiring Egyptian faces."

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-- British Amb in Egypt (@FCOJohnCasson) May 18, 2017 "Vivian Moawad overcame the ceiling of expectations and founded a fashion company with her name, which exports Egyptian products to the British market," Casson tweeted, using the hashtag "four inspiring Alexandrian faces."

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-- British Amb in Egypt (@FCOJohnCasson) May 18, 2017 "May Hamada is an activist who works on raising awareness in Alexandria, to protect wild life and save endangered animals," the British ambassador said in his tweet.

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-- British Amb in Egypt (@FCOJohnCasson) May 18, 2017 "A business pioneer turned her passion for yoga to a new promising company in Alexandria," Casson tweeted about Dahab.

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-- British Amb in Egypt (@FCOJohnCasson) May 18, 2017 After a meeting with Sherbini, Egyptian professional squash player, Casson tweeted, "A strong player and number one worldwide in squash, a model for successful youth and a great ambassador to Egypt." Casson also visited Vodafone headquarters in Stanley, Alexandria. "You want to see how British investments support Egypt into building an economy that challenges the world? Look at Vodafone in Stanley," Casson tweeted.

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-- British Amb in Egypt (@FCOJohnCasson) May 17, 2017

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Date:May 19, 2017
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