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British aid for Chinese torture.

JIANG Zemin, president of the murdering communist State of China, must be well pleased with the British police on his official visit.

Invoking an archaic law about activities in Royal parks, the cops trampled all over any attempts at protest about China's blatant disregard for justice, democracy or common humanity and its outrageous oppression of Tibet.

Law-abiding Brits were searched and Tibetan flags confiscated. Protester Wei Jingsheng, who has suffered 18 years in Chinese labour camps and prisons, had his arms pinned to his sides and his banner snatched even though the bobbies had no idea what is said. Translated from the Chinese it read "release all political prisoners".

This is, of course, no more than the sinister Jian Zemin would expect. And presumably those - including the Queen and Foreign Secretary Robin Cook - who are toadying up to him will omit to mention what happened to the trouble-makers because obviously in China anything less than torture and prolonged imprisonment would be considered an insult to the guest.
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Author:Tyndale, George
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Oct 24, 1999
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