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The .303 British: This rimmed battle round started as a blackpowder cartridge in the late 19th century and served the British Empire for nearly seven decades. Jones, Allan Mar 9, 2018 1006
Degenerate or victim? Fallen women, disease, and the moral strength of the British Empire. Stockstill, Ellen J. Essay Mar 22, 2017 6047
'The voice speaking, desired, awaited': Jack Lindsay's 1649, textual form and communist historiography. Taylor, Elinor Essay Feb 1, 2017 8147
"An armed negotiator": Thomas de Quincey and the British Empire in China. Dongqing, Wang Critical essay Dec 1, 2016 5100
'The country is greatly injured': Human-animal relationships, ecology and the fate of empire in the eighteenth century Mississippi Valley borderlands. Morrissey, Robert Michael Essay May 1, 2016 13721
Coal remains a burning issue in pursuit of power; Wales'coal industry earned the nation the reputation as the powerhouse of the British empire, writes David Williamson. But UK Government plans for a post-coal future have triggered radically different opinions about how we keep the lights on. Nov 20, 2015 959
Coal is still a burning issue in Wales in the pursuit of power; Wales'coal industry earned the nation the reputation as the powerhouse of the British empire, writes David Williamson. But UK Government plans for a post-coal future have triggered radically different opinions on how we keep the lights on. Nov 19, 2015 938
Hospital porter gets British Empire Medal. Nov 6, 2015 315
Porter picks up British Empire Medal. Sep 17, 2015 149
India is 'Miss British Empire'. Sep 6, 2015 256
Britain's archipelago of camps: labor and detention in a liberal empire, 1871-1903. Forth, Aidan Essay Jun 22, 2015 12216
British Control & Oil. Brief article Jun 2, 2015 150
Rethinking the British Empire through eco-cultural networks: Materialist-cultural environmental history, relational connections and agency. Beattie, James; Melillo, Edward; O'Gorman, Emily Essay Nov 1, 2014 6041
Scottish lessons. Pheko, Motsoko Nov 1, 2014 2107
One hundred years of 'Anglo-Saxondom' in the south: the children's demonstration pageant of empire, South Australia 1936. Southcott, Jane Report Jul 1, 2014 13096
Manor house on market in effort to save collapsing relic; Its ornate Gothic facade tells of a grandeur linked to the British Empire in its heyday. And now it's hoped 19th-century manor house Maenol can recover its fading pomp. Darren Devine reports. Jun 5, 2014 711
What's Left? Dec 31, 2013 1062
Time for the Sun to Set on the British Empire's Homophobic Legacy. Dec 13, 2013 602
Imperialism, economic development and social change in West Africa. Book review Dec 1, 2013 289
Housing chief receives British Empire Medal. Jun 10, 2013 208
Guide for the aspiring imperialist. Jones, Curt May 15, 2013 2475
The Commonwealth: A Nostalgic Remnant Of The British Empire, As Canada Criticizes Sri Lanka Over Human Rights Record. Apr 29, 2013 718
James Bond At 60: Ian Fleming's Iconic Creation -- Sean Connery's And Daniel Craig's Role Of A Lifetime -- Prospers Decades After Fall Of The British Empire. Apr 13, 2013 1357
"English" as Guyana's medium of expression. Smith, Victoria Essay Mar 22, 2013 8614
Give Falklands to Argentina. Jan 5, 2013 204
International design and the British Empire: Keynes on the relief problem. Hirai, Toshiaki Essay Jan 1, 2013 12079
Imperial networks, imperial defence, and perceptions of American influence on the British Empire in the interwar period: the case of the 27th Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. Kennedy, Greg Report Dec 22, 2012 13812
Jamaica Asks Questions As It Celebrates 50 Years Of Independence. Aug 6, 2012 1086
The political economy of the original constitution. White, G. Edward Jan 1, 2012 8798
Mahatma Gandhi's historic sojourn in Aden. Oct 20, 2011 1332
The Partition in Retrospect. Jun 30, 2011 906
Pakistan and the benefits of apologies and responsibility. Apr 7, 2011 930
Choral tour of world; Hu uddersfield singers in musical festival of British Empire. Feb 19, 2011 352
British Ashtead pays at least USD38m for US Empire Holdings. Jan 11, 2011 185
WNOgives Mozart's Magic Flute a very British twist; OPERA WNO, The Magic Flute/Liverpool Empire. Nov 5, 2010 290
Were the Welsh really empire builders? Professor Huw Bowen of Swansea University looks at the British Empire and examines ways in which Wales was involved in, and affected by, the conquest of India. Oct 2, 2010 252
Never so good again: by the time the sixties arrived, with the welfare state established, Britain's baby boomer generation was having a ball. But its obsession with novelty and a lack of respect for the traditions of its elders sowed the seeds of today's anxieties, argues Francis Beckett. Beckett, Francis Viewpoint essay May 1, 2010 3451
How to keep your crown: George V retained his throne by learning a lesson ignored by most of his European contemporaries--relinquish all power. Carter, Miranda Oct 1, 2009 1287
Commercial break; Andrew Lydon on how 1939 spelled the end of the Chamberlain dynastic influence on the business classes. Aug 28, 2009 867
Three Victories and a Defeat: The Rise and Fall of the First British Empire, 1714-1783. Farrell, Kevin W. Book review Jun 22, 2009 957
Baptist contributions to American life. Flynt, J. Wayne Jun 22, 2009 3175
Empire and risk: Edwardian financiers, Australia, and Canada, c. 1899-1914. Dilley, Andrew Richard Jan 1, 2009 5277
A moral audit of the British Empire: Piers Brendon asks how we can arrive at a fair judgement of the benefits of the Empire for those who enjoyed--or endured--its rule. Brendon, Piers Oct 1, 2007 2662
"Rule Britannia!" all empires are not created equal. Black, Jeremy Sep 22, 2007 4159
What did the Romans do for us? David Mattingly says it's time to rethink the current orthodoxy and question whether Roman rule was good for Britain. Mattingly, David Jun 1, 2007 1549
Decoding domesday: David Roffe asks why exactly Domesday Book, the oldest and most precious of the English public records, was compiled--and for whom. Roffe, David Jun 1, 2007 3744
Pipes and Drums: R.S. Taylor Stoermer takes a transatlantic perspective on the Anglo-Scottish Union of 1707. Stoermer, R.S. Taylor May 1, 2007 5121
The Falklands X-Factor: twenty-five years ago, British forces won an unlikely victory to drive the Argentinians out of the Falklands. Brian James searches for the Task Force's secret weapon. James, Brian May 1, 2007 1680
Divided loyalties: the historical presence of South Asian men and women in Britain has been ignored for too long, says Shompa Lahiri, who has investigated their experiences during the Second World War. Lahiri, Shompa May 1, 2007 2528
A turbulent reputation: Michael Staunton considers how Thomas Becket, a controversial figure even in his own lifetime and ever since, was described by his earliest biographers. Staunton, Michael Cover story Apr 1, 2007 3406
Suez and the moral bankruptcy of empire: A.J. Stockwell looks at the political fallout of the Suez crisis, both at home and more widely in its effect on the British Empire. Stockwell, A.J. Nov 1, 2006 2221
The audit of war: what was the British empire's contribution to the victory in the Second World War? What was the impact of war upon the empire? A.J. Stockwell explores the interlocking questions of the costs of war and empire. Stockwell, A.J. Mar 1, 2006 5207
Empire's fate: catchy, patchy and, in places, plain wrong, Niall Ferguson's writings on empire are cold comfort to apologists of imperial adventure. Etherington, Norman Feb 1, 2006 3618
British missionary publishing, missionary celebrity, and empire. Johnston, Anna Sep 22, 2005 9241
Another little patch of red: John MacKenzie suggests that imperial rule and the possession of empire were an essential component of British identity, life and culture for over 200 years from the mid-eighteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries. MacKenzie, John Aug 1, 2005 3534
We don't do empire: Bernard Porter is unconvinced by American denials of a new imperialism and finds comparisons--as well as important differences--with the British experience. Porter, Bernard Mar 1, 2005 2472
Ask Mapman[TM]. McMahon, Jim Brief Article Jan 24, 2005 190
U.K. kids: who are the British? Bishop, Randa Cover Story Jan 24, 2005 1821
The British empire: then and now. Jan 24, 2005 368
Breathing disaffection: the impact of Irish nationalist journalism on India's native press. Rosenkranz, Susan A. Jan 1, 2005 9035
Observations on money, barter and bookkeeping. Baxter, William T. Jun 1, 2004 3879
Common and civil law? Taking possession of the English empire in America, 1575-1630 (1). MacMillan, Ken Dec 1, 2003 7113

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