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Britain's sickest pervert; Horrific secret of sharp-suited whizzkid who hid his lust for children from well-to-do neighbours.


A WEALTHY business consultant who worked for some of the world's top companies was last night branded Britain's sickest pervert.

Internet expert Gavin McManus, 39, lived in a well-to-do suburb and appeared to be a respectable businessman who flew round the globe giving advice to giants like Sony, Philips and Shell.

But behind the curtains of his pounds 250,000 home, McManus was the ringleader of a gang of paedophiles who plied young boys with drugs and then sexually abused them.

As sharp-suited McManus began a life sentence for an appalling range of sex crimes, one of the cops who nailed him said: "He is one of the most depraved paedophiles we have ever come across."Nothing would stop him in his quest for young boys."

McManus, who earned pounds 80,000 a year, teamed up with husband and wife Alan and Carol Newbury after meeting Alan on a nudist beach and realising they had the same depraved interests.

For two years he ...

TARGETED at least five boys aged between nine and 14.

FED them Ecstasy and the "poppers" sex drug amyl nitrate so they were unable to resist his twisted advances.

FILMED the sickening sexual scenes, including rape, and broadcast them round the world on the Internet.

MADE children as young as nine watch group sex between adults.

Intelligent and well-spoken McManus, of Canterbury, Kent, befriended a 13-year-old and gave him drugs before showing him pornographic videos.

He made him take part in group sex orgies with the other twisted couple.

The lad's mind became so corrupted he then helped McManus "groom" four other boys aged nine to 14 for a sickening catalogue of abuse.

McManus - arrested after a police investigation into multiple child sex abuse - admitted rape, buggery, indecent assault and making indecent photographs.

He had previous convictions for indecent exposure in 1997 and possessing indecent images of children in 2000, for which he got probation.

This time he was jailed for life at the Old Bailey.

During police interviews McManus claimed he had been sexually molested by adults at the age of three.

He said: "Part of me wants to be that three-year-old again. It never goes away."

An investigating officer said: "His life sentence is very welcome."

Newbury, 48, who also had previous sex convictions, was jailed for seven years. His wife, 52, who is registered blind, got nine months.


TWISTED: Gavin McManus was jailed for life; VILE: Alan Newbury
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Sep 26, 2004
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