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Brit mum faces jail in Dubai after calling her ex's new wife a 'horse' on Facebook; Laleh Sharavesh and her 14-year-old daughter Paris were detained as soon as they arrived in the UAE last month for her ex-husband's funera.

Byline: Rachel Endley

A British mum is facing being jailed in Dubai for insultingFacebookposts she made about her ex-husband and his new wife three years ago.

Laleh Sharavesh and her 14-year-old daughter Paris were detained as soon as they arrived in the UAE last month for her ex-husband's funeral.

She hadn't been back to the country since her ex Pedro left her in 2016 and started a relationship with a new partner.

After discovering their relationship, Laleh said she wrote two comments in Farsi where she described Samah as a 'horse' and called her ex an 'idiot.'

But she hadn't realised she had complained about the posts under Dubai's strict cyber crime laws.

Laleh has been held for a month now and lawyers have told her she faces up to two years in jail and a fine of [pounds sterling]50,000 when she appears in court later this week.

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Her daughter Paris has been allowed to return home, but Laleh said the whole ordeal has left her distressed.

Laleh, from Richmond, south London,told Mail Online: "I am terrified. I can't sleep or eat. I have gone down two dress sizes because of the stress.

"And my daughter cries herself to sleep every night. We are so close, especially since her father left us and we only have each other. It breaks my heart to be kept apart from her."

Laleh's ordeal began on March 14 when she flew to Dubai for her ex husband's funeral after he died on March 3 from a heart attack, aged just 51.

Immigration authorities had an outstanding arrest warrant for her arrest following the complaint made in 2017 about the Facebook post.

She said she now regrets writing the posts, but she said she felt angry and hurt that her husband of 18 years had left her for a younger woman.

She said she lashed out in anger on his Facebook page when she saw a photo of his new wife on their wedding day, writing: 'I hope you go under the ground you idiot. Damn you. You left me for this horse' and 'You married a hose you idiot'.

Laleh said: "I know shouldn't have (done it). I should have behaved better, but I felt angry, betrayed and hurt.

"After 18 years of marriage, such a small amount of time apart, he was getting married so quickly. He didn't even have enough respect for me to tell me in advance."

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After her arrest she said she and her daughter spent 12 hours in a police station and were not offered any food and hardly any water.

She said she was then offered a statement to sign in Arabic and found that the translation they had made was completely different to what she wrote.

The word 'bitch' had been substituted for the word 'horse.'

She said she's now lost her job at a homeless charity and is in debt [pounds sterling]5,000 to her family as she has been banned from leaving the country and has had to stay in hotels.

Radha Stirling, CEO of human rights organisation Detained In Dubai is officially representing Laleh.

She said: "I have spoken with Laleh, her mother, sisters and daughter Paris. Their experience is heartbreaking.

"Not only has Paris lost her father, but in going to visit him to say her final goodbye, she wound up in a frightening Middle Eastern police station, and is now without her mother.

"Every family member was teary and it was very emotional to speak with all of them. They are all extremely damaged by what has happened and I expect it will be a long and psychological recovery process for them."

"It is simply unreasonable that a country wishing to attract Western tourism arrests and charges a woman for a Facebook post made years ago from outside of the UAE's jurisdiction."

The UAE's cybercrime laws prohibit sharing charities online such as Amnesty international, they prohibit fundraising, sharing photos taken in public, for example that includes a vehicle or other people.

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Date:Apr 7, 2019
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