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Bristol call in receiver.

Bristol chairman Arthur Holmes has predicted that his club will be the first of many to go to the wall after he was forced to call in the receiver.

Players were warned on Tuesday that the wage bill would have to be cut by pounds 400,000 if the relegated club were to have any hope of surviving.

Now some face the possibility of being left without a team in the run-up to the new season or only being offered much-reduced wages if a new club is reformed out of the ashes to take Bristol's place in Premiership Two. "I've got a nasty feeling thatther e will be a domino effect," said 74-year-old millionaire Holmes.

"Bristol is the first major club to go and I think others will follow. There's no money to be made in professional rugby and once some of the owners realise that, they'll be gone.''
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jul 24, 1998
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