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Brio Technology Unveils Comprehensive New Product Suite That Redefines Enterprise Business Intelligence.

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 26, 1999--

Extends Brio Enterprise with New Analytical Applications

Development, Reporting and Server Capabilities

Brio Technology (Nasdaq: BRYO) today previewed a major new version of its Brio Enterprise product suite which redefines the scope and capabilities of Enterprise Business Intelligence (EBI). The Brio Enterprise 6.0 product suite delivers a broader spectrum of integrated business intelligence functionality--from a next-generation analytic reporting capability to enhanced interactive OLAP query and analysis tools to a new visual application designer for building and delivering analytical applications.

At Brio's Insight '99 user conference in San Diego, CA, where more than 500 Brio customers and partners gathered from around the world, the company demonstrated some of the most significant enhancements in Brio Enterprise 6.0. Customers and partners received an overview of key elements of Version 6.0, including the new rapid application development and delivery platform for analytical applications; the next-generation report designer; new comprehensive support for multi-dimensional databases; and powerful new server features.

"The introduction of Brio Enterprise 6.0 is another significant step forward in delivering on our unique vision of enterprise business intelligence," said Yorgen Edholm, Brio's president and CEO. "With 6.0, Brio will bring to the marketplace the most complete set of capabilities to empower organizations to create and deliver actionable information and analytic applications to any user, any time, any place."

Brio Enterprise 6.0 Will Redefine `Enterprise Business Intelligence'

Brio's introduction of Version 6.0 of Brio Enterprise is another indication that business intelligence is entering a new phase, according to Wayne Eckerson, vice president of technology services at The Data Warehousing Institute. "Customers are seeking a single product suite that provides integrated reporting, querying, OLAP analysis and custom development capabilities," Eckerson said. "Customers want a business intelligence product that adapts to the information requirements of different groups within an organization. That is, the product should be powerful enough for analysts yet simple enough for casual users. Moreover, customers want a business intelligence product that is scalable and offers seamless integration with the Web. Vendors that hit this business intelligence `sweet spot' will be market leaders."

With Brio Enterprise 6.0, Brio is expanding its definition of enterprise business intelligence. "Our customers today are delivering on the promises of enterprise business intelligence," said Katherine Glassey, Brio's executive vice president of products and services and CTO. "They are building and delivering interactive reports to wide-ranges of users across the web using our Brio Enterprise 5.5 products. What Brio Enterprise 6.0 will enable them to do is to more formally package those reports and analyses together as analytical applications. With the inclusion of more powerful query capabilities and integrated applications development capabilities, users will be able to extend their Brio Enterprise-based solutions even further across their user populations. Our belief is that business intelligence suites will need to extend beyond query, reporting and analysis functions in order to meet the changing requirements of the market."

Powerful Platform for Development and Deployment of Analytical Applications

With its new capabilities for developing and delivering analytical applications, Brio Enterprise 6.0 will serve as a platform for both corporate customers and consulting firms who want to build and deliver custom analytical applications, as well as for ISVs and VARs who want to create domain specific analytical applications.

"With Brio Enterprise 6.0, we can more easily meet the needs of a new class of customers and partners," said Chris Grejtak, executive vice president of marketing for Brio Technology. "For some time now, our most sophisticated partners like Broadbase, NxTrend, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Vision Associates have been using Brio Enterprise as the front end for their analytical applications. Brio Enterprise 6.0 not only allows these partners to dramatically extend their applications but allows new partners to build enterprise-ready analytical applications which can be deployed seamlessly across web, email or client/server infrastructures."

Next Generation Report Designer

Brio Enterprise 6.0 includes a new, next-generation report designer that allows users to build even more complex management-oriented reports than they can today. These reports can incorporate a wider range of data from multiple sources. Building on one of Brio's recognized strengths, Version 6.0 allows users to combine the advanced new features of the reporting engine with Brio's unique Adaptive Reporting(TM) capability, which changes the analytic functionality of Brio Enterprise client products on a report-by-report basis, based on a user's system profile. This combination enables organizations to serve multiple user constituencies with different information requirements from a single managed information architecture.

Enhanced Multi-dimensional Database Support

With Brio Enterprise 6.0, Brio has greatly enhanced its support for multi-dimensional databases (MDDB) with native support for the leading MDDB connectivity APIs, including SAP's Business Information Warehouse, Hyperion's Essbase GridAPI and Informix's MetaCube. And, with rich support for Microsoft's OLE DB for OLAP, customers have complete access to a multitude of data sources such as Microsoft's SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services, Applix's TM1, NCR TeraCubes, SAS and WhiteLight.

"At META Group, we see the integration of both SQL and OLAP interfaces in the presentation layer as a fundamental necessity to help end user organizations deal with the requirements of multiple data sources," said Don MacTavish, senior analyst at the META Group. "By providing native access to key multi-dimensional databases, Brio's Version 6.0 is further demonstration of the BI vendors' commitment to successfully spreading business intelligence throughout an organization by giving end users tools that enable easy access to multiple data sources."

With Brio Enterprise 6.0, Brio will take the lead in providing optimized OLAP support for both `disconnected' and `connected' data sources. When connected, users have the ability to work with the largest of multi-dimensional databases, taking full advantage of the power of today's MDDB servers. But, for users who need to continue working after disconnecting from the server--whether they're on the road or in the air--Brio Enterprise 6.0 allows users to download a relevant slice of data and continue offline analysis and reporting.

Enterprise and Extranet Ready Servers

Brio Enterprise 6.0 incorporates significant new server features to provide the scalability, performance and reliability that large customers are demanding from Enterprise Business Intelligence systems. New load balancing and fail over features allow customers to deploy a cluster of Brio servers to deliver an enterprise-scalable BI infrastructure. Responding to the increasing demands to securely deliver controlled reports and analyses over an Extranet, Brio has added full SSL support, as well as firewall and proxy server support. Additionally, the server query processor has been tuned for minimal startup time, memory usage, and file I/O so that a single server can handle at least three times more concurrent processes with increased performance.

Brio Announces Version 6.0 Early Experience Program

Also at the Insight '99 conference, Brio announced its Early Experience program for Version 6.0. Brio customer BellSouth, along with beta partners Broadbase and FiServ, participated in an Early Experience session at Insight '99.

"Ever since we started working with Brio, they've demonstrated a real commitment to understanding our business requirements and incorporating them into product development," said Mark Torres, data warehousing project leader at BellSouth Interconnection Services. "BellSouth is pleased to be part of the Early Experience program for Brio Enterprise 6.0. The fact that Brio is actively translating our business needs into product features reinforces our decision to go with Brio Enterprise for our business intelligence suite."

About Brio Technology

Brio Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: BRYO) is a leading provider of enterprise business intelligence software. Brio develops, markets and supports software products that improve the ability of business professionals to make timely, fact-based business decisions. Available in five languages on ten platforms, the Brio Enterprise suite of products is used by businesses in more than 20 countries. Brio products are available through direct sales and services organizations located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Australia, and worldwide through VARs, resellers and distributors. Brio has commercial relationships with Access Graphics, Hewlett Packard (NYSE: HWP), IBM (NYSE: IBM), Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT), Netscape (Nasdaq: NSCP), and Sun Microsystems (Nasdaq: SUNW). Brio Technology is based in Palo Alto, California, and can be reached on the World Wide Web at, or by calling 1.800.879.BRIO.
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