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Bringing ugly back.

Larry King returns to voice the ugly stepsister barmaid Doris once again in this summer's Shrek the Third, but don't tell the antigay Christian right. The always alarmist Traditional Values Coalition raised a stink about this character for 2004's Shrek 2, claiming that the movie's studio, DreamWorks, was subverting our nation's young with what the TVC called a "transgender" character. (Representatives from DreamWorks didn't respond to requests for comment on Ugly's return and her unpopularity with right-wingers.) While we prefer the husky-voiced Jackie Kennedy look-alike Dr. Girlfriend on Adult Swim's The Venture Bros., there's no reason why Shrek's snarky fairy-tale world can't include some slightly manly ladies. And don't you just know that the TVC has at least one female member who sounds like Larry King?
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Author:Duralde, Alonso
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Feb 27, 2007
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