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Bringing the next generation of MS physicians into the lab.

The 2008 Sylvia Lawry Physician Fellowship Awards allow recipients to train with an established investigator on how to design clinical trials in MS. They help meet the need for a new generation of physicians familiar with the particular and increasingly complex demands of MS research. This year, seven out of nine applicants received an award.

A continuum of excellence

Dr. Patricia O'Looney, the vice president of Biomedical Research at the Society, attributes this year's high success rate to a redoubled effort to reach out to an ambitious group of scientists. "Our goal is to develop creative ways to increase the number of neurologists interested in MS," she said.

And creative they were. Over the summer, the Society e-mailed 200 MS physicians who are currently mentors to other fellows or who could be mentors. The e-mail invited young physicians to apply.


The Sylvia Lawry Physician Fellowship Award is one of the Society's most successful programs, according to O'Looney. Since the program began over 10 years ago in 1997, it has funded 34 young neurologists.

"They are trained by the best to keep knowledge and expertise in MS going forward," Dr. O'Looney said.

The Clinical Scientist Development Award

Christopher A. Severson, MD, at Brigham and Women's Hospital, is the 2008 recipient of the NMSS-AAN MS Clinician Scientist Development Award. The Society and the American Academy of Neurology Foundation jointly administer this award, which supports the training of residency-level clinicians in the special demands of MS clinical research.

Severson will receive $164,877 for a two-year study on what changes make someone more susceptible to or more protected from developing MS.

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