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Bringing technology to the schools; the Mobile Outreach Program.

The Mobile Outreach Program is a service provided through the Communication Enhancement Center at The Children's Hospital, Boston. The Center is dedicated to providing assistive technology services to children and adults who are impaired in their ability to speak and/or control their environment.

Cognitive, language and speaking abilities are considered throughout the evaluation process. An evaluation may include one or any combination of the following: Communication abilities and potential; Physical abilities to permit access to computers or other assistive devices; Use of environmental control systems; Computer software applications; Consultation to school personnel and parents; Demonstration of assistive communication devices (electronic or non-electronic); Implementation of communication devices/assistive technology; Classroom consultation and training; Follow-up; Site visits with ongoing consultation to parents or professionals.

The Mobile Outreach Program is housed in a large van equipped with a wheelchair accessible power ramp, computer workstations and assistive devices designed to enhance communication and environmental control.

The Mobile Outreach Program evaluates children at school rather than at the hospital. Evaluating children where they go to school makes it possible to understand the specific challenges a child faces, to have direct access to the observations and understanding of the school personnel and to help all of them to understand and utilize the child's assistive devices most effectively.
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Title Annotation:8th Annual Computer Technology Directory, 1991
Publication:The Exceptional Parent
Date:Nov 1, 1990
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