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Bringing daylight and a mini-kitchen into the master bathroom.

Bringing daylight and a mini-kitchen into the master bathroom

A clean, well-lighted space, this tall-ceilinged master bath is also part closet, part kitchen. Its crisp look and orderly, multifunctional plan reflect the talents of its owner-designer, graphic artist Harry Murphy, or Fairfax, Califonria.

Even though the room is in the center of the flatroofed house, daylight floods the shower stall and adjacent counter area. Two skylights, set almost 10 feet above the floor, allow natural light to enter the room and reflect off surrounding walls. To modulate light and control the glare of midday sun, louvers are mounted just below each skylight (Murphy controls the louvers with a chain).

The carpeted bath also serves as a dressing room, with cabinets and closet space hidden behind blank-faced doors at one side of the counter area, The compartment closest to the sink contains a small refrigerator, coffee maker, and other essentials for breakfasting in bed.

At one end of the shower stall, an 81 -inch-high partial wall forms an elevated planter. Like the sink counter, the stall is faced with an easy-toclean, white acrylic-based synthetic marble (Corian) that blends with the white-painted walls.
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Date:Jan 1, 1989
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