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Bringing Conversational AI to the Real World.

From the time humans are born, we learn to interact with our voices. It is no surprise that we love the ease of using voice-controlled digital assistants such as Google Home[TM] and Amazon Echo[TM] to get information from the Web, set timers, play music, and much more.

Now, contact centers are leveraging conversational AI technology to give customers a seamless, low-effort experience they expect. With conversational AI, you can easily automate common requests in self-service mode to provide fast and easy answers (Figure 1), while complex issues or high-value customers are quickly routed for human assistance.

Behind the curtain: what drives Conversational AI?

Conversational AI solutions, such as the Concentrix Intelligent Virtual Assistant platform, use Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and allow customers to say or text what they need in their own words. This drives the conversation within the platform, instead of being constrained by traditional IVR self-service menus and prompts. Customers can ask any question at any time, regardless of the system's prompt--with no incorrect responses.

For example:

Customer: Make a Transfer

Bank's virtual assistant: How much money do you want to transfer?

Customer: How much do I have in savings?

As in human conversations, Concentrix Intelligent Virtual Assistant remembers what the customer said earlier and what facts and context have been established. This contextual understanding enables the virtual assistant to fulfill requests and transition seamlessly between conversation topics without asking unnecessary questions.

The path to Conversational AI

Conversational AI is a powerful technology, but it does not happen overnight. By following these key steps, you can get started on the path to a successful implementation:

#1: Review your customers' interaction journey to find the right blend of humans and machines.

In order to provide the most effective customer care, you have to understand your customer's interaction journey. Ultimately, your customers need to feel empowered to lead their self-service interactions in the way they want them--personalized, convenient, and consistent. You must be able to quickly determine the nature of the customer's contacts and route them appropriately.

#2: Consider how your customers can benefit from Conversational AI.

The most sophisticated Conversational AI solutions take customer care to a new level by enabling unstructured free speech, with no predetermined event flows. In these platforms, the dialog is driven by the customer, not by the system, and the platform is context-sensitive, so it remembers the entire customer dialog, from the beginning to the end of the conversation.

#3: Determine what success will look like.

As business management expert Peter Drucker noted, "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." With this in mind, be sure you are prepared to measure the success of your Conversational AI implementation. You can use a variety of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as:

* Customer satisfaction

* Net Promoter Score

* Call effectiveness

* Task completion rate

* Average Agent Handle Time (AHT)

* Self Service Handle Time

* Agent-to-agent transfer rate

#4: Pick the right platform.

Not all Conversational AI platforms are created equal. When you are selecting a vendor, ask them:

* Does the same platform support all channels?

* Does the vendor have proven, best practice experience in your industry?

* Can the platform maintain context and continuity throughout the entire interaction?

* How well does the platform's speech recognition engine perform?

* Does the platform support autonomous, proactive interactions?

* Does the vendor provide the deployment and support resources you need to succeed?

* Can the vendor help you build a strong business case for Conversational AI by measuring the true automation of your existing IVR and wrap it around outcomes?

Why Concentrix?

Concentrix is committed to enabling your digital future. We are a five-time Stevie[R] Award winner and recently received a 2019 Bronze Stevie for Customer Service Solutions Technology Partner of the Year in recognition of our reputation as a valued technology partner that guarantees business outcomes for our clients. We use Natural Language Understanding,

AI, embedded analytics, and agents to improve the customer experience, not just the bottom line.

Visit to learn more.

Caption: Figure 1: Conversational AI provides flexibility and convenience for your customers.
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