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Bringing Abe to life.

A new kind of museum has been created to honor Abraham Lincoln, America's 16th President (1861-1865) and one of the country's greatest leaders. Located in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum promises an experience that will make Lincoln the man and history itself real enough to touch.

The museum features a series of interactive exhibits, climaxing with the Civil War. "It connects first emotionally and visually, then lets you dig deeper," said one observer. "I felt the pain of this conflict and the burden that rested on [Lincoln]."


* Decide whether each sentence is true, false, or an opinion. Write your answer on the blank line provided.

-- 1. The new Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is in Quincy, Mass.

-- 2. Visiting the new Lincoln Museum will be more fun than a more traditional museum.

-- 3. The group of Roman Catholic Cardinals that elects each Pope is called a conclave.

-- 4. Operation Day's Work raises money to support a Kenyan animal sanctuary.

-- 5. More kids should help raise money for Operation Day's Work.


1. false (in Springfield, Illinois)

2. opinion

3. true

4. false (to help build schools in developing countries)

5. opinion
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