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BringIt Rewards Video Gamers With Skill-Based Competition for Cash!

Online Video Gaming Tournament Site Emerges From Beta With New Features in Secure Online Environment Where Members Can Challenge, Play and Earn Real Money

CHICAGO -- BringIt LLC today announced that the company's flagship online service, BringIt, has emerged from beta with a host of new features that makes competitive gaming even more compelling. features a graphically rich and easy to navigate new interface, search functionality for games, tournaments, players, and leader boards. The company has added a loyalty points program redeemable for cash and prizes, as well as the ability for premium members to upload screenshots and video of their favorite games to their profile page. BringIt also boasts a dynamic Facebook integration application which has made an industry pioneer and #1 destination for online cash and prize gaming on Xbox, PlayStation, and the Wii.

At BringIt, video gamers can put up money to challenge other players to matches, play their favorite games, and earn prize money by winning. The service was designed with both casual and core gamers in mind, delivering the next level of competitive gaming by removing physical barriers and offering an online destination where players looking for real head-to-head competition and real rewards can test their skills wherever and whenever they want.

"BringIt is a community and many of these new features are a direct result of member feedback over the past 6 months. Our goal is to make our members' overall gaming experience even more fun and exciting," said BringIt CEO and founder Woody Levin. "And in the near future, we'll be offering clan tournaments in which up to 16 people can team up and go head-to-head against 16 opponents. This will add even more electricity to a membership base that's in the tens of thousands, and growing close to two percent each day."

BringIt works with any video game platform with online capabilities, and with any game that supports online head-to-head competition. BringIt supports a diverse portfolio of popular games for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and Nintendo's Wii. There are currently more than 30 games available, and some of the more popular titles include Call of Duty 4, Gears of War 2, Halo 3, Guitar Hero: World Tour, UFC 2009, NBA Live, FIFA 09, and MLB 2K9. And, the much-anticipated Madden NFL 10 will be available shortly.

BringIt makes competitive console gaming easy, adding only one step to the well-known online gameplay process. Registration is free, and available to gamers 18 years and older. Players can fund their BringIt account via PayPal or major credit or debit card and access their secure account at their convenience. Accounts are limited to one per person, insuring player identities are verified.

Players can 'BringIt' for as little as $1 or up to as much as $100,000, so both casual players and those who crave the adrenaline of high stakes can engage at their own pace and be assured their BringIt challenge experience is safe and secure. During gameplay, the collective entry fees are held in an escrow account until the winner is declared and verified, at which point the funds are released to the winner's secure account, minus the BringIt service fee. BringIt provides neutral arbitration, in the form of 24/7 live support, and utilizes an EBay-like reputation system that lets members know an opponent's standing and BringIt Skill ranking in advance of initiating a challenge or accepting a match.

Because videogames are games of skill, the BringIt service does not violate any United States or international anti-gambling laws, including the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2006.

BringIt is a venture-backed company founded and managed by CEO Woodrow "Woody" Levin, an entrepreneurial veteran of the sports, entertainment, and finance industries. Mr. Levin has previously worked with the NFL and MLB as President and founder of InStadium, an innovative sports advertising firm, and was Managing Partner of Riverbank Capital Management, an equity options trading firm based in New York and Chicago.

About BringIt

BringIt is an innovative and unique new consumer gaming site and transactional platform where video gamers can put up money to challenge other players to matches, play their favorite games, and earn money by winning. BringIt provides a safe, secure environment for gamers, allowing them to take on players of comparable skill and compete in videogames for cash. Through the service, gamers can elevate their skills and play legally for real money and prizes against their friends or gamers in their skill rank in a wide variety of game and match options. Registration is free and player funds are maintained in a secure account they can access at any time. BringIt works with any online-capable gaming platform, and games for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and PlayStation 2 are currently supported. For more information about BringIt, please visit

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