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Bring your kitchen into the 21st century.

Technology is wonderful.Things that once only existed in science fiction are now with us wherever we go. Smart phones, tablets, fidget spinners - the list goes on

One place technology has had a huge positive effect is the most important room in the house: the kitchen.

There are now gadgets to take care of all manner of previously arduous tasks, and you can even get a fridge that tells you when the chicken's on the turn!

When you order a kitchen from Cash and Carry Kitchens, you'll not only have the perfect kitchen designed, built and installed, but you can also choose to have some very cool gadgets built in.

Celebrity chef Catherine Fulvio has been working with Cash and Carry Kitchens to help spread her passion for good kitchen design and has this to say: "Kitchen design is very specific to a family's space and needs, but every single design consideration should genuinely work to improve the quality of life of those in the kitchen.

I am passionate about good kitchen design and there are certain 'must haves' which I believe are really worth taking into account when planning a kitchen in order to enhance the cooking experience, something that Cash & Carry Kitchens believes in too."

Here are just a few of the musthaves you can get at Cash and Carry Kitchens:


They say a watched kettle never boils - so what if you could bypass the whole kettle part and go straight to the boiled water? With a boiling water tap you can do precisely that.

The boiling hot water tap comes in round or square options, with either chrome or brushed chrome or stainless-steel finishes.

For those with small children, it comes with safety feature including the double push and turn operating mechanism, which is grooved to provide a secure grip and a touch sensitive feel for partially sighted users.

Any of these options can be installed with a Cash & Carry Kitchen.

"It's an investment," says Catherine Fulvio, "but once you get used to using a boiling water tap, you wonder how you ever lived without one.

"Instant hot water is invaluable for me, both as a busy mother and a chef. Like in most families, I'm often under time pressure once I arrive home in the evening to make a nourishing meal for my children. Instant hot water means a quick cup of tea or pasta on the boil straight away.

"It also saves energy in the kitchen. This is one kitchen gadget I could never see myself without ever again."


There are few things more annoying than running a regular vacuum cleaner around the kitchen. Not only is it largely ineffective, but it also runs the risk of scraping your nice floor.

Sweeping is definitely the way to go, but switching from a longhandled broom to a dustpan and brush is cumbersome - and some of the dirt always gets away from you.

Bypass these issues with a built-in vacuum cleaner.

This handy little gadget is built in to a kitchen unit at floor level, so all you need to do is sweep the floor and direct the dirt and dust towards the vacuum grate and watch everything disappear.

The units are easy to use and clean, while they use regular vacuum cleaner bags that can be easily replaced.

It retails for around [euro]150 and can be built-in to any Cash and Carry Kitchens installation.


It can be tricky finding somewhere to plug everything in, particularly on kitchen island worktops, and there's nothing worse than a spaghetti-mess of wires as you switch back and forth between the kettle, the toaster and a blender.

Solve this problem with a pull-up plug station.

They're designed for use with multiple appliances, and come with USB connectors, allowing you to charge your devices without taking up valuable socket space. There are even options with built-in Bluetooth speakers, should you require music while you cook.

They provide easy access and can be seamlessly stowed in the counter when not in use.

Catherine Fulvio is a huge fan: "Every island should have one of these. Pull-up plug stations are handy for easy access when cooking and mean that you can use your appliances right in the middle of your workspace, instead of working along a cramped counter with your back to the rest of the kitchen and the people in it."

All of the above handy gadgets can be fitted into any Cash & Carry Kitchen, making your life easier.
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