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Bring the fun inside; Don't just let your kids stare at screens during the Christmas holiday - try Dawn Isaac's indoor entertainment ideas.

WHEN IT'S pouring down outside, it can be tough for parents to stop their kids playing on tablets or mobile phones, or vegging out in front of the TV. But during school holidays and at weekends, there has to be more for them to do inside than simply stare at a screen. And if parents need a little inspiration, Dawn Isaac is here to help.

The mother-of-three has just written 101 Things For Kids To Do On A Rainy Day, as a natural follow-up to her 101 Things For Kids To Do Outside guide. Dawn thinks there's nothing wrong with playing the odd computer game or watching a bit of TV, but she points out: "There's always a danger of getting to bedtime and realising no-one's moved off the sofa all day. And a houseful of children with energy left to burn doesn't make for an easy night's sleep for anyone." So instead of relying on technology, Dawn, who's usually a garden designer, recommends parents encourage their kids to get creative and/or active inside by trying a few of these...

PLAY BALLOON STOMP Tie a balloon around the ankle of each player and on 'go', try to burst everyone's balloon - while keeping yours intact. This should be a no-contact game - except for the balloons.

TAKE FINGERPRINTS Need to know who's been pinching those cakes? You can lift fingerprints by sprinkling a little chalk dust onto the tin with a fine paintbrush. Lift any subsequent prints off with a piece of tape, before sticking this to a dark piece of card. You can finger print suspects with a homemade ink pad (scribble some felt-tip pen on to a plastic lid) and compare the two. Cake thieves beware!

HOLD A JUNK FASHION SHOW Bin liners and newspaper might not sound glamorous, but they make the perfect materials to create fashion masterpieces. You can employ masking tape to join everything together, and why not raid the recycling bin for some avant-garde accessories?

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Nov 12, 2015
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