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Bring a taste of the tropics inside.

Byline: Joanne Ridout Property Editor

IT'S not really a wet day in Wales, in fact you are on a Caribbean island, in a deck chair enjoying a cocktail while running your toes through fine, hot sand and relaxing to the gentle lapping sound of the waves.

If this is a daydream too far don't worry, the totally tropical taste can be invited into your home via this seasons' hottest interior design trend. Get the coconut suntan oil out, we're off to the tropics with three ways to 'go tropical' this summer.

From pink flamingos on window dressings to gold parrot bookends, let a bird of paradise fly into your home and set up their nest somewhere spectacular to bring a tropical statement to any room design.

And your feathered friends needn't boast bright tropical feathers either; there are many bird accessories available that are a little more understated, if this is more your style.

A cushion may be the most obvious and cost-effective way of enticing a bird of paradise to your pad, but there are other soft furnishing options, such as a statement bedspread.

If you like the idea of a bird of paradise in your home but don't want to commit to this statement design, then a low cost item such as a mug is a perfect solution and will mean less budget needed for bird seed.

Sip some sweet pineapple juice while you enjoy a taste of the tropical with these perfectly fabulous pineapple home products, the tropical fruit of the season.

Enjoy the fruit on blinds, kitchen accessories and ornaments as well as in a carton in your fridge.

And your indulgent pineapple home products don't have to be bright yellow and totally obvious - how about grey line drawn pineapples on cushions? No bright yellow in sight. Well if palm tree wallpaper is good enough for Rylan Clark-Neal's new late night chat show on Channel 5, then maybe it's something we could all consider trying.

Luckily, if you want to go for a palm-tree palace but Rylan's choice is just too much, then there are more muted options available.

Grey is the base colour of the moment, so why not combine with the interior theme of the season? Co-ordinated fabrics, wall art and home accessories can tie your tropical theme together and provide an option to 'mix and match' the fabric colour ways of your palette for added interest.

Of course, you could just opt for a small palm tree if a subtle homage to the trend is what you are looking for without a whole forest of trees swaying in the breeze.

Again, choose from a selection of soft furnishings or home accessories.

And there's always the easy way to get the palms working for your tropical design - buy some plants rather than commit to a palm statement interior.


<BPineapple Bedding from PS13 from PASX

<BCopacabana Gold wallpaper - Arthouse PS13 per role

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 28, 2016
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