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Bring Value To Your Policyholder's Claim Experience.

Byline: Lance Malcolm

As an insurance professional in 2016, you may be somewhat familiar with Contractor Connection. But what is all the talk really about?

Contractor Connection is a property managed repair solution that has been specifically designed to enhance the policyholder experience for repairing property losses. While offering a contractor program is not a requirement, having a managed repair program can provide tremendous value in assisting the policyholder and can also add efficiency to the property claim adjusting process.

Because carriers have much invested in their brand and reputation, it is critical that any contractor referred to the policyholder be properly vetted, or else potential risk for the brand and reputation can occur.

Contractor Connection takes great pride in being the industry leader in contractor managed repair programs and has built this reputation through strong partnerships with insurance carriers who have adopted contractor managed repair as a key component of their claims operation. Working together with a focus on providing consistent, high-quality service on every assignment has always been and will always be the top priority of Contractor Connection.

The first step is providing the right contractors. Contractor Connection vets all of its 5,000-plus contractor network members to ensure they meet the strict credentialing standards that have been established by Contractor Connection to ensure only properly licensed, experienced, qualified contractors are selected. Due to its 20-plus year history, Contractor Connection is well-known in the insurance and restoration industries and attracts the industry's best contractors through various channels. Thus, the network sees continuous growth with only the very best contractors.

Contractor Connection's motto is "Quality Focused -- Performance Driven." Various departments are engaged to ensure all contractor network members are meeting service level expectations for each insurance carrier program. From the 24-hour call center to the customer service desk, all program assignments are promptly dispatched to the network 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency and non-emergency assignments. When property owners' homes are damaged or in need of renovation, insurance carriers have the opportunity to "Be There When It Counts" for their policyholders through the use of Contractor Connection's services.

Quality assurance is a critical component and Contractor Connection provides a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program that validates adherence to industry best practices and client expectations for estimate formatting and accuracy. All estimates are delivered to the client with all of the supporting documentation on a consistent basis, providing adjuster efficiency in the claims process.

Contractor Connection uses proprietary technology integrated with industry-recognized estimating platforms to monitor and share contractor key performance measures, providing a performance-managed program. All key aspects of the contractor performance is monitored and measured, which is an integral part of the Contractor Connection performance management program.

Teamwork between the insurance carrier and Contractor Connection helps drive a highly successful contractor managed repair program. It is important that both work together with network contractors to provide consistent quality service that exceeds the expectations of insurance carriers and their insureds, leading to increased customer satisfaction and policyholder retention.

If you have contractor program needs, you need a trusted partner like Contractor Connection. All it takes is a phone call to get things started. Please visit us at for more information.

Lance Malcolm is the chief operations officer at Contractor Connection. He may be reached at or 904-394-6345.
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Title Annotation:Vendor Showcase
Date:Apr 1, 2016
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