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Bring Down the Walls: Lebanon's Post-War Challenge.

By Carole H Dagher published by Palgrave ISBN 0 312 29336 4 price 14.99 [pounds sterling]paperback

"Lebanon in more than a country, it is a message": these words of Pope John Paul II illustrate Lebanon's post-war endeavour to preserve its age-old Christian-Muslim coexistence and power-sharing formula. Lebanon's current challenges are also the challenge of a whole region, the Middle East, Carole H Dagher, a journalist for Lebanese media as well as an academic, presents an insightful account on how Christian and Muslim communities emerged from the 16-year-old Lebanese war, their points of friction and their common grounds, and the prospects of Lebanon's communal representation system and pluralistic society. She describes the central role played by the Holy See and John Paul II in bridging the gap between Christians and Muslims in Lebanon, and analyses the impact other countries such as Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia have had on the power game and, conversely, the impact of Christian-Muslim interaction on the future of the Arab-Israeli peace process. Dagher warns that if Lebanon fails in its multicultural mission it spells doom not just for the nation uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between Christianity and Islam, but for the entire Levant. The Book draws crucial lessons from the recent history of Lebanon.
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Author:Rhodes, Fred
Publication:The Middle East
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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