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Brilliant beauty fixes; Ever smudge your mascara on to your face or find your hair goes haywire when you're on your way out? Don't panic, we've got the solution to any beauty mishap.

Byline: Kim Jones


The disaster: You've over-applied and your mascara's gone clumpy.

Quick fix: "Comb out the clumps with a metal eyelash comb," says make-up artist Cassie Lomas ( w w w. c a s s i e l o m a s m a k e u p .Try Tweezerman's Folding Ilash Comb, pounds 8.50 (0845 262 1731), or use an old mascara brush you've cleaned and dried.

A clear mascara combed though the cloggy bits can help declump too - try Miss Sporty Just Clear Mascara, pounds 2.99 (Superdrug).


The disaster: Cherry-red lips may be on trend, but a mirror check reveals you've overdone it.

Quick fix: "Apply a slick of lip balm and blot some of the colour away onto a tissue," says Cassie. The green tones in Lip Normalizer, pounds 16.50 (, neutralise it so it's less loud during the day.


The disaster: In your haste to apply powdered eyeshadow, it's flurried down onto your face, leaving you with flecks of coloured powder your face can do without.

Quick fix: Lean over the sink and, using a clean make-up brush, gently flick away the flurries without taking off your base. The Fan Brush, pounds 7.00, (, is perfect for this.


The disaster: Your foundation looked fine when you applied it under the bathroom lights but in the harsh light of day, you look tangoed, over-tanned or - at the other end of the scale - like you need a good dose of iron to warm you up.

Quick fix: "Sadly there's no quick fix for over-orange or dark foundation - it has to come off!" says Cassie.

"If your foundation's too light, swirl a darker base powder or bronzer lightly over the top with a round foundation brush." Try e.l.f's Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder, pounds 1.50 (


The disaster: You look like you've been dragged through a bush backwards and you can't get your hair to look sleek.

Quick fix: "Pop on your heated straighteners, take a section of hair, mist lightly with hairspray, then run the straighteners down the hair from mid-lengths to the ends," says Sally Brooks, of London salon Brooks and Brooks. "Repeat once more for the smoothest finish."

Or spritz with Glow Super Shine Spray, pounds 11.95, (, a weightless spray that helps close the hair cuticle and control frizz.


The disaster: You blinked before your mascara dried and now you have an extra set of lashes that are on the tops of your cheeks.

Quick fix: "Dip a cotton bud into a little moisturiser and gently swirl over the smudge, then even out your make-up with your finger," says Cassie.

Marks & Spencer's Mascara Correction Buds, pounds 3, ( are filled with a drop of make-up remover. If you snap one end of it then the remover flows to the other end of the bud. Absolute genius!


The disaster: You've been slap-happy with the hairspray and now your do is a sticky mess.

Quick fix: Keep brushing your hair until you break down the product - a natural-bristled brush will attack your lacquer best.


The disaster: Your hand slipped and now your eyeliner's all over the place.

Quick fix: "Wrap a cleansing wipe tightly over a pointed cotton bud, and wipe across for a straight line," Cassie says. Try Mavala's Make-Up Corrector, pounds 9.50 (01732 459 412), a pen dispensing make-up remover.


The disaster: You picked up your toast before your nail polish had dried and have smudged your manicure.

Quick fix: If the varnish is tacky, apply a top coat like Nubar Diamont Top Coat pounds 6.56 (, and unwrinkle the lacquer with the brush, says nail expert Lizzie Benton.

If you can't rescue the offending nails, quickly remove the polish, reapply and finish with Nubar Freeze Dry, pounds 8.45 (www., which makes nails bone dry in seconds.


The disaster: Your lipstick has slipped at the edges, leaving you with a vampire look.

Quick fix: Dip a cotton bud into concealer and rub around the area. Try Magic Wand, pounds 23.50, ( It dispenses concealer onto a brush for precision.


The disaster: You must have been on autopilot while plucking but you realise too late and you've passed the point of no return - now there's nothing left but a thin line.

Quick fix: "Use an angled brush to apply shadow the same colour as your brows to fill in sparse areas then comb to soften," says Cassie.


The disaster: You've been over-eager with the face powder - leaving you looking like a Geisha gone wrong.

Quick fix: Spritz a little water spray over your face to soften - or try e.l.f's Studio Make Up Mist & Set Spray, pounds 3.50, ( It moisturises with aloe, green tea, cucumber and vitamins, giving your complexion a more dewy finish.


The disaster: Oops, you were silly with your serum or smoothing lotion and now your hair looks like it's been swimming in an oil slick.

Quick fix: Carefully applied talcum powder can absorb grease but a safer bet and something no girl should be without, is a dry shampoo. Try Batiste Fresh, pounds 2.13, (01695 651 091), and Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle, pounds 7.50 (Boots).

"Otherwise, spraying hairspray onto a hairbrush and brushing it through your hair will also help to absorb excess oils and bring your hair back to life," says Sally.


The disaster: A mirror check reveals your roots have sprouted with a vengeance during the night.

Quick fix: Dark hair can be touched up with mascara but we love Batiste's new Tones range of dry shampoos with a hint of colour, pounds 3.05 (01695 651 091), which absorb grease and touch up roots.


The disaster: There's a fine line between the sultry and that smacked-in-the-eye look. Your eyeshadow's so dark it needs fixing.

Quick fix: "Take away excess colour with a clean shadow brush - if it still looks overdone, pat a little foundation over the eyelid to soften," says Cassie.
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Date:Feb 10, 2011
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