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Each month Brilliance publishers a wealth of exceptional audio cds for leisure listening audience, and these new arrivals represent some top picks. David Morrell's CREEPERS (1423306104, $24.95) receives veteran Patrick Lawlor's firm and gripping narrative style as it tells of five people who plan to break into a hotel: urban archaeologists with a passion for abandoned buildings and investigation. Ted Bell's ASSASIN (1597373656, $26.95) and PIRATE (1597373753, $26.95) both come to life under the moving and dramatic reading style of John Shea. ASSASSIN tells of a deadly killer terrorist who assassinates American diplomats and their families; PIRATE tells of a captive American spy who possesses important intelligence. Both are gripping thrillers, especially in audio. Sandra Brown's PRIME TIME (1593559828, $26.95) receives veteran Joyce Bean's ability to bring romance to life as it tells of a cable TV reporter's qwest for a top-level job and investigation into a secret--and romance. Romance is also a strong ingredient in Julier Garwood's SLOW BURN (1596008334, $26.95), narrated by Laural Merlington who, as many times in the past, is able to bring the underlying emotion of the drama to life. Kate is nearly killed by an explosion, and finds a series of disasters both business and personal make her vulnerable to love. Catherine Coulter's POINT BLANK (1596008547, $26.95) receives veteran Dick Hill's passionate and smooth reading as it tells of revenge and murder in the FBI itself. Dramatic actions, rescues, and an insane villain make for swift, gripping audio listening. John Saul's PERFECT NIGHTMARE (159737699X, $26.95) enjoys a dual narration by Dick Hill and Susie Breck, which helps add drama and excitement to the dark story of a vanished daughter and a grief which joins two strangers in a desperate search. Jack Higgins' WITHOUT MERCY (1423306201, $29.95) receives Michael Page's ability to lend quiet drama and tension to the story of a detective who is recuperating in a hospital when murdered. All who loved her vow touncover the killer in a dangerous search and journey for truth. Ridley Pearson's THE KINGDOM KEEPERS (1423306899, $29.95) receives a passionate reading from Gary Littman, who brings to life the story of five young teens who find themselves involed in the latest DHI technology from Disney, which has unexpected and dangerous effects. What is reality and what is fantasy? Soon even the teens find themselves trapped in a program too real to ignore--and too dangerous. Patrick Carman's LAND OF ELYON BOOK 2: BEYOND THE VALLEY OF THORNS (1597374016, $26.95) will also appeal to teens as well as adults, with its second story in the series telling of a girl who faces a new battle from outside her town. In order to fight the new evil invasion, Alexa and her friends have to confront outside forces and dangers. Karen Kingsbury and Gary smalley's REMEMBER (1593558880, $21.95) receives Sandra Burr's smooth, experienced voice as it tells of one Ashley Baxter, who scorns love until four Alzheimer's patients force her to remember has past--just as September 11th changes her family forever. Anne Perry's ANGELS IN THE GLOOM (1596008644, $26.95) receives Michael Page's warm voice and ability to bring both love and hate to life as it is set during World War I and tells of an English family fighting not only war, but rumors of spies and dangers at home. Fern Michaels' WEEKEND WARRIORS (1597375322, $26.95) receives veteran Laural Merlington's smooth and quiet, warm voice as it tells the story of female friends who share frustrations with men and systems, and who are drawn together by common tragedy. Can their bond result in justice for all of them? All are wonderful leisure choices.
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Title Annotation:Creepers; The Assassin; Pirate; Prime Time; Slow Burn; Point Black; Perfect Nightmare; Without Mercy; The Kingdom Kreepers; Land of Elyon Book 2, The: Beyond the Valley of Thorns; Remember; Weekend Warriors; Angels in the Gloom : A Novel
Author:Donovan, Diane C.
Publication:MBR Bookwatch
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Date:Jan 1, 2006
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