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Fern Michaels' The Jury (1597375683, $19.95) receives Laurel Merlington's seasoned veteran voice which spices a story of the Sisterhood, dedicated to sharing experiences and righting wrongs. Paula's long suffered from an abusive marriage with a powerful power-broker Washington husband. The Sisterhood will teach him power isn't control in this warm story of courage and struggle. Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson join in Peter And The Shadow Thieves (159737458x, $29.95), an action-packed adventure powered by Jim Dale, a narrator who knows how to inject the drama into the audio word. It comes from the bestseller Peter And The Starcatchers, providing a sequel which tells of another journey, this across London where Peter and Tinker Bell discover a dark creature intent on recovering missing starstuff in search of power. Jonathan King's Eye Of Vengeance (1423313488, $26.95) receives Mel Foster's lively and vigorous reading as it tells of a journalist who attracts the attention of a killer. Nick Mullins is a veteran crime reporter, but even his skills are tested by not only single fatherhood and career problems, but a killer's death which evokes another's discovery. Romance on audio is alive and well, too, as evidenced by some fine new releases. Nora Roberts' Angels Fall (1423-306546, $26.95) receives veteran narrator Joyce Bean's smooth and fine rendition and tells of one Reece, the sole survivor of a brutal crime who has been on the run and settles in Angels Fist Wyoming, only to view a possible murder in progress. Johanna Lindsey's Captive Of My Desires (1596002344, $26.95) enjoys veteran Laural Merlington's fine voice and tells of an American rogue who meets the spirited daughter of a pirate. A search for an estranged father, who has become a pirate, leads Gabrielle on a world-wide journey and eventual search for a husband. Linda Lael Miller's The Man From Stone Creek (1423321502, $24.95) receives Buck Schirner's excellent and smooth voice accompanying the story of two people determined never to live, who meet only to find romance involves three. Laurel K. Hamilton's latest "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" novel Danse Macabre (1596000414, $29.95) is narrated by Cynthia Holloway and needs no prior introduction to the other Blake predecessors to prove involving. Anita's latest dilemma: she may be pregnant, and her concern overrules much interest in vampire politics and intrigue as she faces the possibilities of who the father is. Catherine Coulter's The Courtship (1597378275, $26.95) receives Anne Flosnik's compelling voice as it tells of Heatherington and Helen, who track down a mystical treasure. Fans of Coulter will recognize the characters from other books; but no prior familiarity is needed by newcomers in order to appreciate the blend of romance and intrigue. Cecily von Ziegesar created the 'It Girl' novels, of which the latest one, Notorious (1423317092, $26.95), receives a lively, outstanding reading by veteran Joyce Bean. Jenny's rooming with two of the most popular girls in school and dreams of becoming a sophisticated debutante--but her rival Tinsley's back and determined to cause trouble. Four girls are competing for the title of 'It girl', but only one can succeed? James Patterson edits the collection Thriller: Stories To Keep You Up All Night (1423321758, $39.95), which is the first collection of thriller-only stores under one cover. Some of North America's best authors are represented, and adding to the audio pleasure are readings by some top audio narrator veterans as well, such as Joyce Bean, Dick Hill, Laural Merlington and others. An outstanding display of talents make for a top listen for any who love thrillers. W.E.B. Griffin's The Saboteurs (1423319648, $39.95) joins others in his 'Men at War' series, co-written by William Butterworth IV and featuring veteran David Colacci's excellent voice. Men of the Office of Strategic Forces again face battle questions probing possible sabotage as Allied forces secretly prepare to invade Sicily then Italy during the war. An excellent military thriller evolves. John Updik's Terrorist (1423318692, $26.95) receives Christopher Lane's provocative voice to bring to life the story of a disillusioned young man driven to become a terrorist. The paths of his life and the eventual hatching of a plot makes for a realistic tale. Jayne Ann Krentz writes as Jayne Castle in Ghost Hunter (1423308247, $24.95), brought to life in audio by veteran narrator Laural Merlington and telling of a powerful ghost hunter and romance. Guilt secrets threaten career and marriage alike in a fine tale of intrigue, disappearances, and a supernatural blend of ghost myths and mystery. All are excellent listens and top picks.
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Title Annotation:The Jury; Peter and the Shadow Thieves; Eye of Vengeance; Angels Fall; Captive of My Desires; The Man from Stone Creek; Danse Macabre; The Courtship; Notorious; Thriller: Stories to Keep You Up All Night; The Saboteurs; Terrorist; Ghost Hunter
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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