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Brightening up the galvanizing industry.

For over 20 years MacDermid have been supplying Hydroclear, water based lacquer to the traditional electroplating industry as an easy to use, corrosion enhancing top coat for zinc plating. It is used extensively over zinc plated shopping trolleys and roll pallets supplied to the retail sector. Most major supermarket chains use trolleys with a Hydroclear top coat. Its flexibility also allows it to be used for protecting brass plating, bronzing, and chemical blacking and as well as many other electroplating coatings. Due to its high film strength, clarity and ease of use, Hydroclear has quickly become a market leader.


So when galvanizers approached MacDermid looking for an easy to use, robust product that would extend the cosmetic life of freshly galvanized steel, Hydroclear was the natural choice.

The Key features for hot dip galvanizers:

* Water based system

* Maintains cosmetic finish

* Excellent primer for paint and powder coatings

* Non chrome

* Non toxic

Hydroclear first began to be evaluated for galvanising in Germany and Austria where the use of chromate top coats was unpopular and architects and designers had a requirement to extend the cosmetic life of unpainted galvanized structures. Today, Hydroclear is being used across Europe for this very application.

Continuing their innovation efforts, MacDermid R&D is now working on a new generation of topcoats to improve further on the advantages of Hydroclear. These will improve the corrosion resistance and operational temperature tolerance, giving the galvaniser exactly what he requires to satisfy today's stringent demands.


Hydroclear is the final stage in the galvanising cycle but as with all finishes, pre-treatment prior to galvanising is also a key stage. MacDermid's chemistry provides a complete package for pretreatment and final finish. Efficient cleaning prior to the pickling operation not only ensures the pickling process is carried out quickly and completely, it prevents grease carry over to the kettle, thus preventing filter blinding and reducing ash build up. Grease carry over can also prevent the correct fluxing are result in an unsightly cosmetic appearance.

MacDermids Pretreatment Products include:

New Dimension ND7 Supreme -

* Multipurpose cleaner used for removing oils and greases before pickling

* Effective at moderate temperatures

* Low alkalinity, no rinse required before pickling Masco 245 DM -

* Heavy duty cleaner for those tough jobs

* Removes weld anti-spatter, heavy forming oils and heat treatment residues.

* Will also loosen heat scale giving the pickle a head start on those difficult jobs

Cangalv Inhibitor No. 1 -

* Provide effective and stable inhibition of the acid pickle.

* Reduces acid consumption and protects the base metal without reducing the speed of scale and rust removal

* Protects jigs, chains and catch nets and allows the use of plain steel acid tanks

* Stable at high iron contents when other inhibitors 'oil out' and leave no protection

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Date:Oct 1, 2003
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