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Bright yarn balls for your tree...with the Japanese craft temari.

Using the techniques of the Japanese craft temari, here's how to create Christmas Ornaments by winding needlepoint yarn or embroidery thread around styrene foam balls. In the photograph at right, you see balls decorated with traditional diamond patterns; instructions start below. For the woven pattern, see the photograph on page 82 and the drawings on page 106.

You can buy styrene foam balls in many sizes at a crafts store, which should also carry the other necessary materials. To pad a 3-inch-diameter ball, you'll need 1/4-inch batting cut to a 7 1/2-inch square and two 200-yard spools of size 50 thread. For making the pattern, you'll need a needlepoint or embroidery needle, pearl-head pins, and three skeins of needlepoint yarn or embroidery thread (different colors).

To cover the ball with batting and thread padding, refer to the photograph below and those on page 106. If you choose the woven motif and use yarn, you can omit these first steps. We recommend padding, however, since it makes winding easier and provides a background color that disguises gaps between threads.

The diamond motif requires a batting and thread base. To start pattern, dip threaded needed into the padding about 2 inches from starting point. Bring needle to the surface at what will be the diamond's center, then follow step 4 above.

For the petal motif (see large picture on page 104), stitch thread (or yarn) around vertical dividing threads used in diamond pattern. Begin with a 1-inch stitch equi-distant from pole and equator, slipping needle under padding, if necessary, to keep stitch in place. Follow winding procedure for diamond pattern but without four corners.

For the woven pattern, thread your needle, leaving skein uncut; slip yarn (or thread) into padding, if used, at starting point or pin. Bring needle to surface about 2 inches from the pin, remove needle, and pull end of yarn until it is hidden under padding. If you choose not to pad your ball, knot yarn around pin when you begin each new color. Instructions for the woven pattern accompany the diagram below.
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Date:Dec 1, 1985
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