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Bright light leaders: don't be lumen lazy!

Weight adds up fast, whether on a duty belt or in at your pocket. Here's Handgunner's partial list of go-to goodies packing a huge lumen punch --hiding in tiny packages. These lights are heavy on performance and options, and well worth the weight.

1 The Streamlight TLR-1 HPL has one serious beam blasting out 775 lumens with a throw of 438 meters. The TLR-1 HPL is made from machined aluminum and has an "unbreakable" polycarbonate lens. At around five ounces, the simple installation and versatility showcase the qualities we've come to expect from Streamlight. It runs for 1.75 hours on full power--I wish I could!

2 SureFire's X300 Ultra puts out 500 lumens for 1.5 hours strong, and at just four ounces this wonder light won't weigh you down. It's equipped with the Rail-Lock system so it can be mounted to a long gun or a pistol. It's ambidextrous and goes between momentary and constant modes at the flip of a switch. The X300 Ultra is ultra versatile, period.

3 Even if I didn't have a biased view, I would still say Hyskore (with in-put from our own editor) nailed it with the Hyskore Compact Revolver Light! Designed to put light right where you need it, it throws 100 lumens for over 30 minutes. It even handles the recoil of many .357 magnum rounds and fits on round-butt J-Frames.

4 The TPT EDC from 5.11 packs 91 lumens for 4.75 hours with just a couple of AAA batteries. The TPT EDC is great for the pocket, glove box, a nightstand or anywhere else you can imagine it. It comes with a spring steel pocket clip or key-ring gizzy. The pocket powerhouse is all around great and comes in three colors. Close to a "do it all" light.

5 The Tuff Writer Bolt Flashlight with its Mil-Spec anodized aluminum finish has lumen ranges from 1 to 490 in its three run modes. This is the first "bolt action" flashlight I've seen, and trust me it's just fun. When you need this light to do more than just look great, pressing the switch straight down puts the light on momentary while clicking the switch locks it into whatever mode you need. Clever and cool.

6 Bayco's Nightstick 9944XL blasts out 650 lumens with a run time of three hours. This can-do-all light has a button on the back end and two on the front. That's so you can throw the light in front of you or under you, or both. Nightstick got it right for those of us who love to tuck the light under our arm to operate it. Since it's rechargeable you will feel like you did something good for the earth and your wallet. You can wear the Nightstick on the belt or even a sap pocket. Do people wear duty pants with those anymore?

With all these great lights the hardest part is choosing one. Someone once told me when it comes to flashlights, "Two is One and One is None." Although, I think these six might make a perfect set?

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Author:Grant, Aimee
Publication:American Handgunner
Date:Nov 1, 2015
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