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Bright idea.

FINALLY SOMEONE HAS MARRIED the energy efficiency of a CFL light bulb with the traditional shape and clarity of an incandescent.

The Finally Bulb Co. is offering what it is billing as a first in the industry--an incandescent-shaped light bulb that uses a wound copper filament to produce light. A 60-watt Finally Bulb uses only 14 watts of power, lasts 15,000 hours and emits eye-friendly daylight compatible light, say company officials.

"I set out to build a bulb that has everything we love about an incandescent just without the energy waste," says John Goscha, founder and CEO of Finally Bulbs, based in Cambridge, Mass. "We are a little more efficient than a CFL, but not quite as efficient as an LED."

The frosted bulbs are the same size and shape as a traditional light bulb, but instead of a tungsten filament contain a wound copper filament about the size of a AA battery in their core. "We invented what we call A candescent technology,"' Goscha says. "We are the first company to harness this conduction technology down to a standard light bulb."

The technology is a scaled down version of the induction light bulbs used atop skyscrapers and bridges to warn airplanes, Goscha says. "They use them there because they last forever and are energy efficient."

Finally Bulbs have a suggested retail of $9-99 each and are available in single and two-packs. Initially a 60-watt version is available with 75- and 100-watt versions rolling out later this year. "The payback on the energy savings is only a year and a half," Goscha says.

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