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Bright and roomy in just 5.5 by 9 feet.

Converting a narrow sleeping porch into an extension of a small bath could have created a tunnel-like room. Instead, the 5-1/2- by 9-foot added space you see here seems larger than it is, thanks to two large double-glazed windows and an open-beam ceiling with a skylight.

To make the space work efficiently, designer-builder Steve Wigfield of Inverness, California, added a tub at the far end and a 22- by 70-inch vanity along the inside wall. Made of molded synthetic marble (Corian), the countertop has a built-in sink.

Near the tub, the vanity narrows to 14-1/2 inches and has knee space below; the top section opens on hidden hinges.

Owners: Dorothy and Alan Johnstone.
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Title Annotation:converts a porch into a bath
Date:Feb 1, 1985
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