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Bright View Technologies Announces a Microstructure-Based Contrast Enhancement Film for Plasma Displays, Samples Available 1Q 07.

MORRISVILLE, N.C. -- Bright View Technologies, Inc., a market leading developer of microstructure-based optical films for display applications, today announced the introduction of a contrast enhancement film product for Plasma Displays (PDP). The film significantly improves the contrast of plasma displays in bright room settings.

"One of the most significant performance issues related to today's plasma displays is poor bright room contrast. This is an important competitive factor because LCD panels generally have better bright room contrast performance," said Kenny Kim, Executive VP and Co-founder of Displaybank. "The surfaces of plasma display panels are inherently reflective. When ambient light is reflected from the panel along with image light, image contrast and color saturation are considerably reduced. The Bright View film effectively addresses this problem."

Ed Teague, CEO of Bright View Technologies, explained, "Our film is unique in that it delivers enhanced contrast under the harsh overhead lighting conditions commonly found in the retail environment as well as in the typical home viewing environment where there may be both overhead and side lighting originating from windows and table lamps."

Samples will be available this quarter. Production, targeted for later in the year, will be realized concurrently by Bright View Technologies in the USA and Arisawa Manufacturing Company Ltd., a leading manufacturer of electronic and optoelectronic products, in Japan.

About Bright View Technologies, Inc.

Bright View Technologies, a leading developer of microstructure-based, optical films for the global display industry is developing products for Plasma, Rear Projection, and Front Projection displays, as well as LCD and OLED applications. Bright View's fundamental advantage is the ability to design, master and mass produce complex arrays of microstructures over large surface areas and incorporate them in products together with coatings and apertures.

About Arisawa Manufacturing Company Ltd.

Arisawa Manufacturing Company Ltd. is a leading Manufacturer of electronic materials, optoelectronic materials, electrical insulating materials and industrial structural materials.

About Displaybank

Displaybank, a global leader in electronic display market research is headquartered in Seoul, Korea with regional offices in Japan, Taiwan, China and North America.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jan 8, 2007
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