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Brief note from the new editor.

I am honored to have been asked take the helm at our journal. I hope to continue in the tradition of my friend and predecessor, Richard Fleischman who poured so much time and energy into this work and who I have not left alone since taking over. He thought he retired--he did not.

My own publication background is almost entirely antiquarian. This is a passion of mine--examining how people accounted for themselves, their lives, their businesses. More than that, what they accounted for--what did they value? Often it was not necessarily what they valued but what they lacked that entered the records. This provides a window into the past not granted by the 'grand' histories. I will not abandon the world of the dusty and crumbling and small.

However, I wish to encourage more critical articles to the journal. We have a strong field of critical researchers to call on for both submissions and review. Please do consider submitting and if you are attending conferences, please encourage presenters of promising papers to submit.

Where are the articles examining accounting's role in the financial crises the world has been suffering through? Surely we should have something to say here.

Let us not forget collaborative work. Much of what we do could be done perhaps better with a sociologist, an anthropologist, an economist, a political scientist, a historian. Bibliographies should make sense--they should be cross-disciplinary.

I hope to see many of you this July in Cardiff at the IPA or Newcastle at the World Congress. If not England, perhaps in Washington, DC in August (what a perfect time to visit DC!).

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Author:Vollmers, Gloria
Publication:Accounting Historians Journal
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Date:Jun 1, 2012
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