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Bridging the gap between university, industry: Liaison office to increase sharing of information between sectors. (Forestry News).

Bridging the. gap between university research and industry needs is the intent behind a new liaison office based at Laurentian University.

A recent partnership between Laurentian University and Materials and Manufacturing Ontario (MMO) is expected to increase links between industry and university researchers to promote technological advances and bring knowledge and innovation to the marketplace.

MMO is an Ontario centre of excellence that is committed to making connections between the best university research and the needs of Ontario industries. It offers scholarships on a case-by-case basis to help fund research involving materials and manufacturing. MMO develops partnerships, trains graduate students with an industrial orientation and transfers knowledge and technology to industry. This new partnership will make MMO's services and funding programs more accessible to both the university and the community.

The new partnership will enable Laurentian researchers to share their expertise with industrial partners provincewide, officials say. A network liaison director with Laurentian Enterprise will match the needs of industrial partners in Northeastern Ontario with the research skills of researchers in Ontario universities.

Laurentian Enterprises is an entrepreneurial, revenue-generating arm of Laurentian University that provides access to the university's educational resources, facilities, technical capabilities and consulting expertise.
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Publication:Northern Ontario Business
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Date:Oct 1, 2001
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