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Bridging Cultures.

The TV commercials sector in Pakistan appears to be improving. LU Bakeri's new TVC featuring Irfan Khan, an Indian actor, has been the talk of the town. LU Bakeri has made the commercial for their brand 'Nan Khatai'.

The advertisement attracts the attention of the audience instantly because of its good graphics, visualization and, of course, the Indian actor. The ad tells Irfan Khan's tale of his journey from the Qutub Minar (in Delhi) to the Minar e Pakistan (in Lahore) in search of the story behind the original and authentic taste of nan khatai. In fact this is the journey of the delicacy nan khatai.

Irfan Khan has an elegant style of lines delivery in a powerful voice, which is the underlying spirit of the TVC. The commercial has a traditional feel as it features some historic locations of Lahore, and the conventional Lahori culture which blends perfectly with the theme of nan khatai.

The TVC has been filmed competently and edited with understanding, representing the arduous work of the creative team. The message has impact and presents the product as a part of the subcontinent's cultural heritage. The use of an Indian actor perhaps creates a new bond between India and Pakistan. If the Indian advertising industry can make a similar gesture by featuring a Pakistani actor to sell an Indian brand, the bond could be further strengthened.

The commercial succeeds in delivering the original essence of nan khatai. The thought behind the idea is sound and creates a visual delight which has a strong recall. Irfan Khan is portrayed as part of the script. His utterance of the line "Mein hoon khasta mazey ka khoji, riwayaton ka nighebaan, Irfan" which adds to nan khatai's authenticity.

Mazhar Raza, the Executive Creative Director at Spectrum says that the concept is very simple in nature as it traces the origin of Nankhatai. Irrfan Khan was found suitable for the part. He travels across the border and visits Lahore in search of the authentic and consistent taste of the delicacy. The storyline is the unsung journey of Nankhatai from the Qutub Minar to Minar-e-Pakistan.

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Date:Jan 31, 2018
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