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BridgeTrak Suite v7.0 introduced by Kemma Software.

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Kemma Software, a provider of help desk software, has announced the release of BridgeTrak Suite 7.0, a comprehensive solution for internal or external support operations across a Microsoft Windows Server or web platform.

According to the company, BridgeTrak Suite version 7.0 has been completely re-written using Microsoft's .Net technology. The BridgeTrak Suite of solutions contains integrated applications to automate support service notifications, improve help desk efficiency and provide a web portal to the central help desk for customer self-support, while optional expansion modules enable businesses to create a customized solution for company requirements.

New features of BridgeTrak Suite 7.0, aimed at enhancing communications, include: a service-driven notification feature for assignment of issues based on technical skill; scrolling headlines; a bulletin board; as well as e-mail templates. BridgeTrak's group issue assignment makes the help desk effective for use by multiple groups or across departments, while standard help desk features include a query builder, flexible reports, and a knowledge base available for internal or external publishing, the company claims.

In addition, the optional BridgeAccess customer web portal allows external customers to add, view or update issues to the help desk. Other expansion modules, BridgeReceive, BridgeAutoEscalate and BridgeSearch, run as services, and automate e-mail notifications, generate new support issues from inbound e-mails, and provide an index for database search results, while the Active Directory Integration module simplifies the management of customer and technician login data.

BridgeTrak Software is available with pricing starting at USD995 for a 5-user license, with expansion modules starting at USD395.

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Publication:Worldwide Computer Products News
Date:May 7, 2007
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