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BridgePort Brewing eyeing expansion.

Portland, OR's BridgePort Brewing Co. increased brewing capacity by 400 percent when its new 80-barrel brewhouse went on line in mid-November.

According to a spokesperson for the brewer, the expansion now makes BridgePort the largest brewhouse in the state as well as Oregon's oldest microbrewery.

"Our system incorporates computerized, highly efficient features while maintaining the hands-on attention necessary for fine crafted brews," noted co-owner Dick Ponzi.

While major components of the new facility were contracted out, the overall design and a major portion of fabrication was completed in-house, Ponzi added.

Brewery manager Wayne Anderson added that he was amazed at the zeal taken in the approach of the brewhouse construction.

"These guys are nuts," Anderson said, referring to production manager Bill Lundeen, R&D manager Ron Gansberg, and bottle shop manager Neal Dickey. "Even while working day and night on the brewhouse and brewing record amounts of ale, Neal found time to get married... fortunately, it just took an afternoon."

Market plans for the expanded brewery are first targeted at the Northwest, which has yet to give an indication of saturation, Ponzi said. Only after local lines of distribution are smooth, will any serious attention be given to other markets, he added.
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Title Annotation:BridgePort Brewing Company Inc.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 7, 1992
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