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Bridge problem.

You are West at match pointed pairs and Game All.

You hold:


K J 9 6 3

(tm) K 5

(r) A 6

(c) Q J 4 2


Q 8 4

(tm) Q 10 8 7

(r) J 9 7 3

(c) A K

South opens one diamond and your overcall of one spade is raised to four. North leads the nine of diamonds, South plays the ten and you win the ace. How do you plan the play?

p p p

The danger is that you can suffer a trump promotion if North holds the ten. This will happen if you play a low spade towards dummy's queen and South wins the ace. North with three spades to the ten will now have a trick when South plays two more rounds of diamonds. Correct is to play a club and lead a low spade. If the jack wins, repeat the process with another club to dummy and again a low spade towards hand.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Dec 4, 2000
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