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Bridge problem.

You are West at match pointed pairs and East-West Game.

You hold:


A K Q J 10 9

A 7 5 4

8 5





J 8 7 6 5 4 3

East opens one club, South overcalls five diamonds and you bid six spades. North's double concludes the auction. North leads the king of clubs, South discarding the ten of diamonds. How do you view the play?

p p p

The opening lead marks North with five clubs, and, as South failed to ruff, six spades. He therefore cannot hold three hearts so unblocking the hearts in dummy will not do. South of course is all red cards so you make the contract depending on how he discards. Take all your spades, throwing clubs from the dummy. Now play the kin, queen and jack of hearts. If South has let a heart go overtake the jack. If not play the ace of diamonds and the jack. South will be a stepping stone to your ace of hearts.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Feb 15, 2000
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