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Bridge needs a toll barrier; LETTERS.

MY wife and I went to Liverpool on the evening of Monday, November 20 and returned the following day. We have been regular users of the Runcorn/Widnes Bridge over the last 50 years to visit family and friends and this was our first visit to Liverpool this year.

What a pleasant surprise it was to see all the roadworks finished on the Southern Expressway and directions to the new bridge.

My wife and I saw the signs regarding the toll and got our PS2 ready to pay (and yes that we could pay online, regarding it as an option). No way did we ever consider that there would be no Toll Barrier whether manned or automatic, as found at the entrances to the Mersey Tunnels.

We crossed the bridge in readiness to pay, but found no Toll Barrier.

How then do we pay or is it perhaps free until a Toll Barrier is built? On arriving at our Liverpool destination, the Premier Inn at the John Lennon Airport, the receptionist explained everything to us and how so many people, like us, have been confused about payment.

I pondered on how I was to pay as I was away from home, therefore away from my computer and my wife and I do not have a 'smartphone.' .' Our saving grace was that we were planning to return home the next day and therefore could pay our debt online before the deadline of 21/11/17 and I am relieved to say that my debt has been duly paid.

How sad it is that for 24 hours, my wife and I had been unnecessarily worried and stressed about this whole affair.

Please consider erecting a normal toll barrier.

Rev Geoffrey & Mrs Gloria Walsh, Devon

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Conwy, Wales)
Date:Dec 5, 2017
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