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Bride Puts her Grotesque, Lop-Sided Wedding Cake on eBay to Sell [PHOTOS].

A bride in the UK put up a 'grotesque' looking cake on eBay to sell. It was her wedding cake. Celia had ordered a beautiful three-tier, black cake, but the cake-maker sent an ugly, lop-sided version. To get back at the cake-maker, Celia put the cake up for sale on eBay as a joke.

The seller note on eBay read: "few defects due to maker being unskilled. Uncut, along with large amount of awful cupcakes for free. No topper or decoration. Unusual design. Very heavy."

She also put the images of both the cakes on eBay -- the one she had actually ordered and the one she received. She wrote under the images: "Picture on the left is as it is, picture on the right is how it should have been. Complete disaster... offers please? I have roses which fell off this abomination if required. Sorry no returns."

She was quite honest about the cake's inedible nature. She posted, "please note this cake will be inedible, therefore I do not take any personal responsibility if any part is eaten by the buyer. Collection only applies, as very heavy."

Cake-maker Annie commented that "I don't think you will be able to/really should sell this cake on eBay, not least of which for health and safety reasons." She asked her to demand a full refund from the amateur, unskilled cake-maker and offered her help to word such a demand.

"I am seriously shocked by this cake, the worst Ai have seen for a very long time - and I hope the cake maker in question is not still trading. Unfortunately there are now many so called 'cake makers' setting themselves up with limited or no experience, and this is the result," Annie also wrote in her comment.

Celia clarified that she was not expecting anyone to buy the ugly wedding cake and that it was just a joke. She said that the cake was made for "our wedding...and this is what was waiting for us at our reception."

"We have things in motion to prevent this person ever making a cake again and upsetting, or trying to rip off other unsuspecting customers."

Celia, however has ended the listening. eBay states "this listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing."
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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Aug 15, 2013
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