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Bride Arrested For Driving Under Influence To Her Wedding.

An Arizona woman was arrested on suspicion of driving under influence on the way to her own wedding Monday morning, several reports confirmed.

Sgt. Chriswell Scott of the Marana police department said Amber Young, 32, was arrested at the scene of a three-car collision, which sent one person to a hospital with minor injuries around 10 a.m. EDT on Monday morning.

An officer suspected Young was driving impaired and she was then handcuffed and taken to a police station. She was dressed in her floor-length wedding gown with her hair pulled back in a low bun and glasses resting on her head when she was arrested and placed into the back of a police car.

The bride-to-be submitted to a blood test and signed a criminal citation for DUI with a promise to appear in court at a later date, after which she was released.

"This could've turned out way worse than it did," Scott ( said . "It's supposed to be the happiest day of her life, and this just goes out as a reminder as to why you should never drive while impaired."

Scott added he had "no clue" if she made it to her marriage on time or not.

He ( wrote in a now deleted tweet, confirming the arrest: "A driver was arrested for DUI this AM while driving to her wedding. ( @MaranaPD  officers arrived at OG/Thornydale at approx 1030 reference a three vehicle collision. One person was transported with minor injuries. Don't drive impaired, till death do we part doesn't need any help. "

Getting arrested while on the way to your own wedding is definitely one of the worst times to be taken into custody, that too for driving under influence. However, this incident was not the first time strange DUI arrests have been made.

In 2012, a Kentucky man was ( arrested  for DUI as his blood-alcohol level was almost double the legal limit while he was riding a horse. Danny Reynolds, 55, was arrested while he said he was trail-riding with some friends on a road near his home in Jessamine County.

"I'm severely diabetic, so I stopped to eat some crackers to bring my sugar levels down when the deputy arrived and told me to get off my horse," he had said then.

Reynolds had then admitted to drinking a couple of beers.

"I normally don't drink, but we were celebrating my son's birthday." He claimed he was not drunk but was light-headed due to his diabetes.

In another ( incident  the same year, an Albuquerque man named Antonio Candelaria, 50, called the police himself for help after getting his foot stuck in his motorcycle and thus ended up getting arrested for drunk driving.

In September 2013, a western Pennsylvania man was ( charged with DUI while he was riding a lawn mower and carrying an open can of beer. Thomas Marrone, 55, was charged after he smelled of alcohol and had open cans of beer in the storage compartment of the vehicle.

In another similar ( incident in September 2014, a Rhode Island man was charged with DUI four times in less than two days. John Lourenco, 53, was arrested Sept. 21, 2014 and then three times again Sept. 22, 2014, for crashing his car into either another car or a tree.
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Date:Mar 13, 2018
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