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Bridal registry users positive: Lenox study.

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. - Nearly all wedding gift givers who purchase items from registries find the gift lists useful; however nearly two-thirds of gift givers still are not using registries to buy wedding presents, according to The Lenox Report on Wedding Gift Giving, a national opinion survey sponsored by Lenox China & Crystal.

According to the report, more than one third, or 36.7 percent, of those who have attended a wedding within the last year purchased a gift directly from the bridal registry. And 91.8 percent of gift-givers who used a registry found the lists made the gift selection process easier.

The survey, conducted by ICR Survey Research Group of Media, Pa., is taken from an EXCEL Omnibus phone poll of more than 1,000 people. A total of 486 responses - those who gave a wedding gift in the last year - were counted.

"The bridal registry has typically been an important tool in helping the bride to organize her new life," said Alice Kolator, director of public relations for Lenox. "The results of this report indicate that gift-givers who use the registry system find it just as valuable."

China, crystal and flatware remain popular with gift givers, figuring in 31 percent of all wedding gifts, the report stated.

The report also stated that 51 percent of gift givers opted to give money for their most recent wedding gift; 16.2 percent of those who gave cash combined it with another gift.

Yet giving cash is a regional custom. In the Northeast, 79.4 percent of gift-givers included money; 59.4 percent in the north central region; 38.3 percent in the South and 34.7 percent in the West.

Men also showed a higher tendency than women to give money, 56 percent versus 47 percent. And 52.3 percent of men with annual incomes between $15,000 and $50,000 included money with gifts.

"If more guests knew about and used the registry to select the right gifts with confidence, the tendency to give cash would be much less," Kolator asserted.

According to the Lenox Report, wedding gift spending differs dramatically by region. The average amount spent by North Easterners is roughly $125 as compared to Westerners, who on the average spend about half that - $64 on wedding gifts. Consumers from the north central region and South spend about $75 each.

The survey also showed that the most important factor in determining the type of gift was the closeness of the relationship to the couple (86.1 percent), followed by whether the relationship business or personal (27.9 percent). A total of 15.2 percent considered the type of wedding, ranging from its size to its formality, among the top three factors in the gift buying decision.

Gift givers polled in the survey overwhelmingly (91.8 percent) said the wedding couple should have no guilts about exchanging a gift: 65.7 percent said they would feel pleased, 26.1 percent said they'd be comfortable should this be the couple's decisions. Only 3.3 percent would be angry, and 1.6 percent would be embarassed.
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Author:Kehoe, Ann-Margaret
Publication:HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network
Date:Jul 17, 1995
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