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Brian, Janeen & Mark Carthew (text) John Veeken (illus.): Machino Supremo!

** BRIAN, Janeen & Mark Carthew (text) John Veeken (illus.) Machino Supremo! Celapene, 2009 59pp $12.95 pbk ISBN 9780980699401 SCIS 1436471


A book of snappy little poems about the machines that surround us in our daily life, Machino Supremo is the happy collaboration of succinct writing and inspired illustrations. From Jackhammer, to Outback Windmill, Jean Machine and the Pizza Oven the machines take on a larger than life proportion as the imagination of writers and illustrators allow us to share in their world where machines are almost monsters. The book includes a 'hidden words puzzle' which is an extra bonus in an action packed collection of poems sure to appeal to the under eight-year old reader and would-be poets.

** Book by an Australian author or illustrator

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Author:Dayman, Chris
Publication:Reading Time
Article Type:Book review
Date:Feb 1, 2010
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