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Brewery Planner guides brewing entrepreneurs.

Brewery Planner guides brewing entrepreneurs

Brewers Publications has announced the release of the "Brewery Planner, A Guide to Opening Your Own Small Brewery," a book designed to guide the brewing entrepreneur through all the steps of planning a brewing business.

The Brewery Planner contains articles by successful brewery operators - people who have learned, sometimes the hard way, the ins and outs of the business. So rather than starting the business planning from scratch, brewers can get all the facts, lists and planning considerations from one source.

The book first explores The Physical Plant in section 1. Chapters by Michael Coulter, Process Engineer of Cemcorp, and Eric Warner, brewery consultant, provide a vast summary of considerations for designing, planning and financing the plant.

In section 2: Tips from the Experts, readers benefit from the years of experience of 14 successful brewery businesspeople.

Even the best products can fail if they are not supported by strong markets and distribution efforts. Section 3: Marketing and Distribution provides tips from some top marketing and distributing professionals.

Finally, readers can find an actual example of one company's business plan in section 4: Business Plan. This section guides the entrepreneur through the preparation of his or her own plan. Blank financial templates are provided for the individuals's use as well.

The Brewery Planner is available from Brewers Publications, located in Boulder, CO, for $70.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Sep 23, 1991
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