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Brewers provide aid to flood victims.

The Beer Institute has reported that the top five American brewers have donated almost three million quarts of fresh water to victims in the flooded Mississippi region.

Cans and bottles of water have been transported by rail into the flooded region by Anheuser-Busch Co.'s, Inc., the Miller Brewing Co., the Coors Brewing Co., the G. Heileman Brewing Co., and the Stroh Brewery Co.

Ray McGrath, president of the Beer Institute, said the brewers and their distributors have been working with the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army to assist victims. "There are many heroes in this story," he said, "but the brewers have been incredibly generous to flood victims. Not only have they responded to the plea for help with this much-needed water, but they've also donated their time, equipment, and--in some cases--money and other materials--to the mercy effort."
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Title Annotation:Mississippi River flooding
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
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Date:Aug 2, 1993
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