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Brewers, NBWA help spot false I.D.s.

The Beer Institute and the National Beer Wholesalers Association (NBWA) recently launched a new campaign to discourage underage drinking by helping retailers spot fake or altered identification cards.

In their most recent assault on underage drinking, the brewers and wholesalers began distributing one million "We I.D." cards in December to retailers across the U.S. The laminated cards list guidelines to help employees check the authenticity of drivers' licenses.

The card stresses, "If you are not absolutely convinced that the |I.D.~ is authentic, do not serve the customer."

"The beer industry has been committed to fighting underage consumption of our products for years," stated Beer Institute acting president Phil Katz. "Helping retailers prevent the use of illegal I.D.s is an important part of that effort."

NBWA president Ron Sarasin also pointed out the industry's long-standing efforts against underage consumption. "As wholesalers, as community leaders, and as parents, we don't want our products illegally purchased and consumed by those under the age of 21."
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Title Annotation:Beer Institute and National Beer Wholesalers' Association to discourage underage drinking
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 11, 1993
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