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BrewDog releases world's strongest beer, but Dutchman claims different.

Last week, BrewDog, the small Scottish brewery with the big attitude, released a very limited edition (7 bottle) run of a 55% abv beer called the End of History.

This week, the Almere, Holland-based brewery, 't Koelschip (The Refrigerated Ship), has answered with its "Start the Future" beer, said to come in at 60% abv.

"You don't drink it like beer, but like a cocktail, in a nice world's strongest beer-whisky or cognac glass," said Dutch brewer Jan Nijboer.

"It is just a con," said James Watt, Emporer Penguin for BrewDog. "Their last high strength beer was blended with whisky."

A Dutch source contacted by contributing editor Gregg Glaser agreed with Mr. Watt. "Jan Nijboer is just a hobby brewer with a big mouth," said the Dutch source. "He also says that he also has a beer with 70% alcohol, but he simply mixes a beer with a distillate. He owns a beer shop and used to have a small brewery, but he had to close his little brewery in this shop. He now has a distillery, his commercial beers are brewed by a brewery in Germany."
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jul 30, 2010
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