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Bremner's briefing; Sophie became the fifth person to be fired by Sir Alan Sugar last night. Here former contestant Karen Bremner gives her verdict on how the rest did this week.

Byline: Paul English

THERE'S Sugar all over the television.

The hapless 12 were tasked with selling the sweet stuff to kids and there was a sticky end for one of them. Paul, thankfully fully clothed, answered the call which led the candidates to London Zoo via, oddly, Hamleys.

Team switching saw the Sandhurst Two split up - maybe that's why Katie had a face like a camel throughout the whole task.

Gorgeous Ghazal and equally handsome Adam were handed the poisoned project manager chalices.

Fireworks were predicted as Tre and Jadine were put on the same team - but the whole programme was more of a damp squib.

The world seemed to be turning at half speed as I watched half an hour of how to make chocolate lollipops and the 'hilarious' consequences. I started to lose the will to live as the lollipops were sold to young children by half-wits in half-monkey suits. And I began watching how quickly my nails were growing as the end of the selling led to Stealth running out of stock and Eclipse giving the stuff away.

The only wide-awake moment was when Ghazal had a bit of a strop at Margaret dressed in a butcher's apron and plastic hat.

The boardroom was a bit more like it. Neither team leader was particularly warmly praised but Essex-fishwife Natalie decided she'd stick the knife in even before she knew the result of the task.

Sugar Lump basically told Adam who to take into the boardroom and quantum physicist Sophie Kain signed her own P45 by admitting sales weren't her strong point.

Let's be honest, if you've screwed up the labelling, gone against a direct order from the manager and then lied about it to the boss, you should be fired. But the prejudices of Sir Alan raised their heads and Sophie went because she was a scientist. All this Sugar's starting to make me feel a bit sick.

TRE AZAM: Less swearing, similar amount of moaning and on the winning team again. He's good but Margaret won't like the attempt to defraud the VAT-man.

NATALIE WOOD: Her accent seems to change every week. Disobeyed the PM, lied to Sugar, made mistakes; and is still there. By the skin of her teeth, I think.

SIMON AMBROSE: Solid player. He gets stuck in, doesn't moan or backstab and ensures the truth gets told in the boardroom. He's a keeper.

JADINE JOHNSON: Conspicuous by her absence. Honestly can't really remember her saying a word. How strange.

PAUL CALLAGHAN: Spent most of his time bent over in a monkey suit scaring children. And there we have the life of an ex-Army officer.

KRISTINA GRIMES: Best moment was when her massive false nails got stuck in the bowling ball. Couldn't negotiate her way out of a paper bag.

KATIE HOPKINS: She is doing my head in. Tries to take over and sulks when she's not allowed to. Criticises everyone when she's on her own.

NAOMI LAY: So much better as a follower than as a leader. Thought of the Cheeky Monkey theme and seemed so much more comfortable in this role.

LOHIT KALBURGI: Less of an extra and more of a cameo appearance this week. Can we please be allowed to see what he can do?

ADAM HOSKER: I really like this handsome Northern lad who says it like it is. The "negative" line was straight from Ms Hopkins.

GHAZAL ASIF: She did all right this week but isn't going to have Cadbury shaking in their shoes. Taking on Margaret was a mistake. Seems out of her depth.

You're fired!

DR SOPHIE KAIN: Being fired for what you do for a living is stupid. Prove them wrong and open a shop selling chocolate.


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Date:Apr 19, 2007
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