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Breezy borders.


Whether you're traveling in the Mediterranean or just keeping cool during summer, a stylish and loose-fitting pair of linen pants is a must-sew. ,Add a monochromatic Greek-inspired embroidery design on the pocket for a subtle yet fashionable much.

* Blank Slate Oceanside
Pants pattern (See "Sources.")

* Linen fabric (amount
according to pattern
envelope plus 1/4 yard)

* Paper-release adhesive
tear-away stabilizer

* 1/2"-wide elastic (amount
according to pattern envelope)

* Thread: all-purpose,
bobbin & embroidery

* Needles: 75/11 embroidery
& all-purpose

* Heat-removable fabric
marking pen (See "Sources.")

* Greek key embroidery design
(approximately 1 1/4"x81/4")


* From the linen fabric, cut one
pants pair, two pocket pairs, two
ties and two 10"xl4" rectangles.
Transfer the pattern markings.

* Zigzag- or serge-finish the pant
raw edges.


* Load the embroidery design onto
the machine. Copy the design,
and then rotate 90[degrees] clockwise.

* Align the vertical design close
to the left embroidery perimeter
edge. Align the horizontal design
below the vertical design, aligning
the design left short edge with the
vertical design long left edge and
spaced 1/4" from the vertical design.


* Mirror the vertical design horizontally
and the horizontal design
vertically. If needed, change thread
color changes to all one color.

* Measure the design to ensure it fits
along the pocket inner and lower
edges; resize if needed. Save the
design as the Left Pocket design (A).


* Group both designs, and then
mirror the design horizontally.
Save as the Right Pocket design.

* Load the Left Pocket design
onto the machine. Install a new
size 75/11 embroidery needle.
Thread the needle with embroidery
thread and the bobbin
with matching bobbin thread.

* Hoop one layer of paper-release
adhesive tear-away stabilizer
with the paper side facing up.
Score the paper along the hoop
inner perimeter. Remove the
paper to expose the adhesive.

* Position one linen rectangle
right side up over the adhesive,
centering the rectangle
within the hoop. Smooth the
fabric onto the stabilizer (B).





* Place the hoop onto the machine.
Reduce the machine stitching speed
by half. Embroider the design.

* Remove the hoop from the machine
and the stabilizer from
the hoop. Remove the stabilizer
from the design wrong side just
around the design perimeter.

* Repeat to embroider the Right
Pocket design onto the remaining
linen rectangle.


Use 1/2" seam allowances unless
otherwise noted.

* Position the left pocket rectangle
right side up on a flat work surface.
Measure and mark 1/4" from the
design outer edge using a heat-removable
pen. Measure and mark
8 1/4" from the horizontal line to the
rectangle upper edge. Measure and
mark 5 5/8" from the vertical line to
the rectangle right edge. Draw a 1/2"
seam allowance from the lines (C).

* Cut out the pocket along the seam
allowance line (D).

* Repeat to cut out the right
pocket rectangle.

* With right sides together, position
one embroidered pocket over one
linen pocket. Stitch the pocket
perimeter, leaving an opening
along the long edge opposite the
embroidery for turning. Trim the
pocket corners. Turn the pocket
right side out through the opening.

* Position a terrycloth towel over
a pressing surface. Place the
pocket embroidery side down
on the towel. Press flat, using
steam. If needed, use starch to
remove any stubborn wrinkles.

* Repeat to stitch the remaining pocket.

* Topstitch each pocket perimeter
1/6" from the edge.

* Stitch a buttonhole on each pocket
wrong side at the pattern markings.
Fold each pocket flap along the
designated line; press.

* Position the left pocket over
the pants left side, aligning the
pocket at the pattern markings;
pin. Topstitch the pocket perimeter
1/16" from the edge and over
the previous stitching line.

* Repeat to attach the remaining
pocket over the pants right side.

* Finish constructing the pants
according to the pattern


Greek Key design: Great Notions, Abstract Border (GN01-64088);


Shop Sew it All carries the Blank Slate Oceanside Pants pattern and Pilot FriXion heat-erasable pens:
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