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Breastfeeding effective as birth control.

Breastfeeding Effective as Birth Control

Breastfeeding prevents more pregnancies than all other contraceptive methods combined. A report in The Lancet found that when a mother breastfeeds exclusively and remains without a period, 98% protection from pregnancy is provided for six months postpartum. After six months, or if the menses return or supplements are introduced before the sixth month, the risk of pregnancy increases significantly, but still may be only 10% in developing countries with patterns of long nursing. If foods are introduced gradually and breastfeeding is not reduced day or night, the antifertility effect may last for a year or more, but it becomes increasingly likely that fertility will precede the first vaginal bleeding.

--From a report in The Lancet, Nov 11, 1988, pp 1204-5, available from Family Health International, PO Box 13950 RTP Branch, Durham, NC 27709, Attn Kathy Kennedy.
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Date:Jun 22, 1991
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