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Avelas Touts Top-Line Data Showing Pegloprastide (AVB-620) Can Significantly Improve Cancer Detection in Real Time During Breast Cancer Surgery. Aug 5, 2020 909
'I celebrated beating breast cancer with Spain holiday but Jet2 have ruined it'; EXCLUSIVE: Katy Mason's dream trip to Menorca with her husband and children was abruptly cut short after Jet2 cancelled their flight home just four days after they arrived. By, Andy Rudd & Rosaleen Fenton Aug 3, 2020 1328
Pandemic forces closure of breast cancer support centre. DAVID IRWIN Local Democracy Reporter Aug 3, 2020 354
Northwest Community opens new clinic for breast cancer patients. Daily Herald report Jul 31, 2020 155
Govt to soon launch breast cancer control program. Jul 29, 2020 552
KP govt to launch breast cancer control program very soon: Kamran Bangash. Jul 29, 2020 550
Puma biotechnology Licensing Partner Specialised Therapeutics Receives Marketing Approval in Malaysia for Nerlynx for Extended Adjuvant Treatment of Early Stage HER2-Positive Breast Cancer. Jul 29, 2020 365
Breast cancer in male gender. Column Jul 24, 2020 798
Dad's chest lump turned out to be breast cancer. aamir mohammed Reporter Jul 22, 2020 844
Egyptian presidential initiative to test women for breast cancer resumes: Health Ministry. Egypt Today staff Jul 19, 2020 327
Joy, 99, survived war, assassin's bid, breast cancer & now Covid. Jul 15, 2020 291
Joy, 99, survived war, assassin's bid, breast cancer... & now Covid. Jul 15, 2020 296
Qlarity Imaging and Ikonopedia Partner to Help Improve Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Reporting Accuracy. Jessica Kacmar Jul 15, 2020 704
Kelly Preston, actor and wife of John Travolta, dies at 57 of breast cancer. Jake Coyle and Lynn Elber Associated Press Jul 14, 2020 729
Kelly fought a courageous fight her love and life will always be remembered; STAR DIES AGED 57 FROM BREAST CANCER Travolta's tribute to 'leading lady' wife. JESSICA BOULTON Showbiz Editor (Features) and CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Obituary Jul 14, 2020 1131
Kelly fought a courageous fight her love and life will always be remembered; STAR DIES AGED 57 FROM BREAST CANCER; Travolta's tribute to 'leading lady' wife. JESSICA BOULTON Showbiz Editor (Features) and CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN US Editor Obituary Jul 14, 2020 1131
Kelly fought a courageous fight... her love and life will always be remembered; star dies aged 57 FROM BREAST CANCER Travolta's tribute to 'leading lady' wife. JESSICA BOULTON and CHRISTOPHER BUCKTIN Obituary Jul 14, 2020 1111
Screening for breast cancer to resume after 'pause' for virus; HEALTH. KATRINE BUSSEY Jul 14, 2020 331
Shop to save lives, pleas breast cancer survivor Pat. HEATHER LARGE Jul 13, 2020 576
Actress Kelly Preston dies aged 57 from breast cancer. Jul 13, 2020 240
Actress Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta, has died aged 57; Preston, who starred in films such as Mischief, Twins and Jerry Maguire, lost her two-year battle with breast cancer,. By, Neil Shaw Jul 13, 2020 493
Association of single nucleotide polymorphism of transforming growth factor [beta]1 (T29C) in breast cancer patients: A case control study in Rawalpindi. Ali, Akbar Shoukat; Allana, Raheel; Jandani, Rahim Letter to the editor Jul 11, 2020 587
Association of single nucleotide polymorphism of transforming growth factor [beta]1 (T29C) in breast cancer patients: A case control study in Rawalpindi. Saira Jahan, Amena Rahim, Muhammad Afzal, Abdul Khaliq Naveed, Saddaf Ayub and Aisha Hasan Jul 9, 2020 374
An overview of cancer genetics with focus on involvement of BRCA1/2 genes in breast carcinomas. Durr-e-Samin Tahir, Muhammad Saifur Rehman and Muhammad Shahnawaz ul Rehman Jul 9, 2020 6231
Breast cancer medication breakthrough. Jul 7, 2020 160
Daiichi Sankyo Company reports EMA's accelerated assessment for trastuzumab feruxtecan for HER2 positive metastatic breast cancer. Jul 6, 2020 258
Daiichi Sankyo Company reports EMA's accelerated assessment for trastuzumab feruxtecan for HER2 positive metastatic breast cancer. Jul 6, 2020 254
Can you get breast cancer whilst breastfeeding? Baby&Child Jul 5, 2020 807
Covid-19 treatment hope for 3p diabetes pill that also fights breast cancer and heart disease; Metformin, already dispensed by the NHS, has been found to helpful in reducing the risks of coronavirus deaths in several different studies. By, Anthony Blair & Brett Gibbons Jul 1, 2020 370
Innoson group backs foundation's fight against breast, cervical cancers with vehicle. Jul 1, 2020 447
Loco-Regional Treatment for Intact Primary Tumor in Patient with De Novo Metastatic Breast Cancer; Comments and Concerns of ECOG-ACRIN 2108 Trial. Soran, Atilla; Ozbas, Serdar; Dogan, Lutfi; Sezgin, Efe; Ozmen, Vahit; Beriwal, Sushil; Brufsky, Ada Jul 1, 2020 1181
Breast Cancer Management during the COVID 19 Pandemic: French Guidelines. Darai, Emile; Mathelin, Carole; Gligorov, Joseph Jul 1, 2020 1137
Men's Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Breast Cancer: A Descriptive Study. Ozaydin, Ayse Nilufer; Dogan, Emrah; Bozdogan, Berk Report Jul 1, 2020 6479
Does Gross Margin Examination Reduce Re-excision Rate in Breast Conservation for Invasive Carcinoma? CALLER Review. Hoekstra, Suzanne; Stoller, Diane; Raef, Haya Jul 1, 2020 2115
Features, Outcomes, and Management Strategies of Male Breast Cancer: A Single Institution Comparison to Well-Matched Female Controls. Liu, Joseph; Suresh, Anupama; Palettas, Marilly; Stephens, Julie; Ganju, Akaansha; Morgan, Evan; Kas Jul 1, 2020 5432
Breast Cancer in Patients 80 Years-Old and Older. Bertolo, Aaron; Rosso, Christopher; Voutsadakis, Ioannis A. Jul 1, 2020 4199
Evaluation of Pathologic Complete Response (pCR) to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Iranian Breast Cancer Patients with Estrogen Receptor Positive and HER2 Negative and impact of predicting variables on pCR. Omranipour, Ramesh; Jalili, Roghiyeh; Yazdankhahkenary, Adel; Assarian, Abdolali; Mirzania, Mehrzad; Jul 1, 2020 4795
Pre-Treatment and Post-Treatment Anxiety, Depression, Sleep and Sexual Function Levels in Patients with Breast Cancer. Izci, Filiz; Ozdem, Gozdem; Ilgun, Ahmet Serkan; Agacayak, Filiz; Duymaz, Tomris; Erdogan, Zeynep; A Clinical report Jul 1, 2020 5487
Pandemic inspires change to faster breast cancer treatment. Jun 29, 2020 778
FDA approves Genentech's Phesgo for HER2-positive breast cancer. Jun 29, 2020 208
Suffering from breast and cervical cancer, Atim cannot afford treatment. Jun 29, 2020 389
Miracle baby survives after mum beats cancer and both parents battle coronavirus; EXCLUSIVE: Kate Foxall was overjoyed to fall pregnant after beating breast cancer, but her newborn baby almost died after both parents caught covid-19. By, Martyn Halle Jun 27, 2020 630
Oncolytics Biotech Launches Investigator Sponsored Phase 2 Trial Evaluating Pelareorep-anti-PD-1 Combination Treatment in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Jun 25, 2020 634
Advert banned after claiming bra could 'reduce the risks of breast cancer'; It was spotted by a health professional specialising in breast health, who challenged the claim and made a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority. By, Brett Gibbons Jun 24, 2020 217
Roche's Tecentriq Meets Primary Endpoint In Breast Cancer Trial. Jun 18, 2020 281
Warning on lack of breast cancer testing; Charity funding hit by Covid-19. EXCLUSIVE BY JILLY BEATTIE Jun 17, 2020 378
Q BioMed supporting virtual conference on metastatic breast cancer as it commercializes cancer bone pain drug Strontium89. Conference news Jun 13, 2020 423
Why Habida is scared she might have breast cancer. Jun 11, 2020 347
Alphamab Oncology and Sanofi collaborate on KN026 in HER2+ breast cancer. Jun 9, 2020 247
Alphamab Oncology partners with Sanofi for studying Taxotere and KN026 combination in treating HER2+ breast cancer. Jun 9, 2020 238
Alphamab Oncology partners with Sanofi for studying Taxotere and KN026 combination in treating HER2+ breast cancer. Jun 9, 2020 234
Breast Cancer: BRECAN Creating More Than Awareness. Jun 8, 2020 654
iCAD hosts virtual roundtable event on breast cancer surgery. Jun 1, 2020 263
The effect of Medicaid expansion on prescriptions for breast cancer hormonal therapy medications. Maclean, Johanna Catherine; Halpern, Michael T.; Hill, Steven C.; Pesko, Michael F. Report Jun 1, 2020 8183
Turkish national consensus on breast cancer management during temporary state of emergency due to COVID-19 outbreak/COVID-19 salginina ba uh olaganustu durumlarda meme kanseri yonetiminde Turkiye ulusal konsenssu. Sezer, Atakan; Cicin, Irfan; Cakmak, Guldeniz Karadeniz; Gurdal, Sibel Ozkan; Basaran, Gul; Oyan, Ba Jun 1, 2020 11490
Mammography cuts risk for fatal breast cancers: New data. Nelson, Roxanne Jun 1, 2020 1333
Hybrid (2D/3D) Dosimetry of Radiolabeled Gold Nanoparticles for Sentinel Lymph Node Detection in Patients with Breast Cancer. Ramirez-Nava, Gerardo; Santos-Cuevas, Clara; Ferro-Flores, Guillermina; Ocampo-Garcia, Blanca; Chair May 31, 2020 5250
ZNRD1 and Its Antisense Long Noncoding RNA ZNRD1-AS1 Are Oppositely Regulated by Cold Atmospheric Plasma in Breast Cancer Cells. Kim, Hyeon Woo; Jeong, Dawoon; Ham, Juyeon; Kim, Heejoo; Ji, Hwee Won; Choi, Eun Ha; Kim, Sun Jung May 31, 2020 5142
Effectiveness and Safety of Acupuncture Moxibustion Therapy Used in Breast Cancer-Related Lymphedema: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Jin, Huimin; Xiang, Yuying; Feng, Yuqian; Zhang, Yiting; Liu, Shan; Ruan, Shanming; Zhou, Huamiao May 31, 2020 6588
Nonhormonal Hot Flash Management for Breast Cancer Survivors: A Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis. Liu, Jian; Nie, Guangning; Li, Yang; Wen, Zehuai; Lu, Liming; Xie, Li; Cao, Dongdong; Lai, Yafang; Y May 31, 2020 8958
Pentagalloyl Glucose- and Ethyl Gallate-Rich Extract from Maprang Seeds Induce Apoptosis in MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells through Mitochondria-Mediated Pathway. Kantapan, Jiraporn; Paksee, Siwaphon; Chawapun, Pornthip; Sangthong, Padchanee; Dechsupa, Nathupakor May 31, 2020 11096
The Predictive Role of PIK3CA Mutation Status on PI3K Inhibitors in HR+ Breast Cancer Therapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Wang, Mingming; Li, Jin; Huang, Jiangsheng; Luo, Mei Clinical report May 31, 2020 5456
Efficacy of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy with Epirubicin and Cyclophosphamide and Weekly Paclitaxel and Trastuzumab in Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2-Positive Breast Carcinoma: A Real-World Study. Zhang, Mengmeng; Li, Ling; Zhang, Shiyong; Zhu, Wenlong; Yang, Senguo; Di, Guangsheng; Ma, Xiaoxia; Report May 31, 2020 5629
A Static Magnetic Field Inhibits the Migration and Telomerase Function of Mouse Breast Cancer Cells. Fan, Zhu; Hu, Pingdong; Xiang, Lekang; Liu, Ying; He, Rongqiao; Lu, Tao May 31, 2020 5220
Mir-30b-5p Promotes Proliferation, Migration, and Invasion of Breast Cancer Cells via Targeting ASPP2. Wu, Tianqi; Song, Hongming; Xie, Dan; Hua, Kaiyao; Hu, Jiashu; Deng, Yijun; Ji, Changle; Fang, Lin May 31, 2020 5992
Long Noncoding RNA Serve as a Potential Predictive Biomarker for Breast Cancer: A Meta-Analysis. Jiang, Xuefeng; Zhang, Guijuan; Wu, Jieyan; Lin, Shujun; Liu, Yusheng; Ma, Yi; Ma, Min May 31, 2020 9738
Mining the Prognostic Value of HNRNPAB and Its Function in Breast Carcinoma. Cao, Yun; Zhang, Wei; Jin, Yi-Ting; Zou, Qiang May 31, 2020 4801
Prevalence of Severe Depression in Iranian Women with Breast Cancer: A Meta-Analysis. Isfahani, Parvaneh; Arefy, Marziye; Shamsaii, Monire May 31, 2020 5014
The Efficacy of Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin-Based Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer: A Retrospective Case-Control Study in Taiwan. Hung, Chih-Chiang; Yang, Youngsen; Tsai, I-Chen; Hsu, Chiann-yi; Liu, Chia-Hua; Yang, Jie-Ru Report May 31, 2020 6812
Breast Cancer Survival and Incidence: 10 Years Cancer Registry Data in the Northwest, Iran. Dolatkhah, Roya; Somi, Mohammad Hossein; Jafarabadi, Mohammad Asghari; Hosseinalifam, Mehrnaz; Sepah May 31, 2020 4057
Association between Lymph Node Status and Expression Levels of Androgen Receptor, miR-185, miR-205, and miR-21 in Breast Cancer Subtypes. Kalinina, Tatiana S.; Kononchuk, Vladislav V.; Yakovleva, Alisa K.; Alekseenok, Efim Y.; Sidorov, Se May 31, 2020 5311
Effectiveness of a Global Multidisciplinary Supportive and Educational Intervention in Thermal Resort on Anthropometric and Biological Parameters, and the Disease-Free Survival after Breast Cancer Treatment Completion (PACThe). Vasson, Marie-Paule; Kwiatkowski, Fabrice; Rossary, Adrien; Jouvency, Sylvie; Mouret-Reynier, Marie- May 31, 2020 10621
Effect of COL4A1 Expression on the Survival of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Breast Cancer Patients. Wang, Shin-Mae; Chen, Po-Ming; Sung, Yu-Wen; Huang, Wei-Chieh; Huang, Hung-Sen; Chu, Pei-Yi May 31, 2020 3936
Prognostic Significance of the Tumor-Stromal Ratio in Invasive Breast Cancer and a Proposal of a New Ts-TNM Staging System. Xu, Qian; Yuan, Jing-Ping; Chen, Yuan-Yuan; Zhang, Hong-Yan; Wang, Lin-Wei; Xiong, Bin May 31, 2020 6776
Expression of Tumour-Associated MUC1 Is a Poor Prognostic Marker in Breast Cancer in Kumasi, Ghana. Manu, E. Atta; Bedu-Addo, K.; Titiloye, N.A.; Ameh-Mensah, C.; Opoku, F.; Duduyemi, B.M. May 31, 2020 4561
Sodium-Dependent Glucose Transporter 1 (SGLT1) Stabled by HER2 Promotes Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation by Activation of the PI3K/Akt/mTOR Signaling Pathway in HER2+ Breast Cancer. Wang, Jinlu; Ji, Hongfei; Niu, Xingjian; Yin, Lei; Wang, Yiran; Gu, Yucui; Li, Dongbo; Zhang, Han; L May 31, 2020 6360
Tiziana Life Sciences stem cell tool superior to market leader Exact Sciences' Oncotype DX in breast cancer head to head. May 30, 2020 449
Tiziana Life Sciences stem cell tool superior to market leader Exact Sciences' Oncotype DX in breast cancer head to head. May 30, 2020 451
I had to tell my mum on phone I was fighting breast cancer; woman, 24, received devastating diagnosis at height of coronavirus lockdown. OLIVIA TOBIN ECHO Reporter olivia.tobin@liverpoolcom @oliviat_93 May 29, 2020 692
Prostate cancer: Breast cancer drug olaparib has the potential to be the world's first precision medicine for prostate cancer, writes Amy Packer. Amy Packer May 26, 2020 1142
PROSTATE CANCER: the new hope; Breast cancer drug olaparib has the potential to be the world's first precision medicine for prostate cancer, writes. AMY PACKER May 26, 2020 1156
Empty hospital, silent ward, no visitors, awful loneliness.. but I'm so glad I had lockdown surgery; MUM HAILS NHS STAFF AS SHE LOOKS FORWARD TO HITTING THE CATWALK AT FUNDRAISING FASHION SHOW Breast cancer patient on having her op during pandemic. Jenny Morrison May 24, 2020 1160
Former MP gets all-clear from breast cancer. NICK LAVIGUEUR @grecian9 May 23, 2020 309
Tiziana's StemPrintER shown to be SUPERIOR to Exact Sciences' Oncotype DX breast cancer test. May 15, 2020 179
Tiziana Life Sciences CEO believes breast cancer technology could become an "essential prognostic tool". May 15, 2020 356
Tiziana's StemPrintER shown to be SUPERIOR to Exact Sciences' Oncotype DX breast cancer test. May 15, 2020 181
Tiziana Life Sciences CEO believes breast cancer technology could become an "essential prognostic tool". May 15, 2020 358
'Game-changing' cancer scan created by scientists -and it takes just 15 minutes; The 15-minute prostagram treatment trialled by doctors at Imperial College London uses MRI, similar to breast cancer screening for women, with 400 volunteers taking part in the study. By, Caitlin Doherty & Ryan Merrifield May 14, 2020 376
Awareness of breast cancer. ROOMA AROOJ - Lahore May 14, 2020 277
Breast cancer screening can cut deaths by 40 per cent and save millions of lives; A new study has found a 41 per cent reduction in deaths from cancers if women are screened, compared to those who aren't. By, Louie Smith Report May 11, 2020 327
EXERCISING HAS HELPED US BEAT BREAST CANCER; Survivors tell of working out benefits belief. SARAH SLATER May 9, 2020 241
Nurses have been my lifeline in tough battle; PAULA SHERRIFF Former Labour MP for Dewsbury, who has breast cancer aged 45. PAULA SHERRIFF May 6, 2020 265
Nurses have been my lifeline in tough battle; PAULA SHERRIFF Former Labour MP for Dewsbury, who has breast cancer aged 45. PAULA SHERRIFF May 6, 2020 260
Pink Caravan reveals dip in number of breast cancer cases. Staff Reporter May 4, 2020 755
CPH student unveils novel, potential dendrimer therapy for HER2-positive breast cancer patients. May 3, 2020 552
Join in the Race for Life at home; Heather Large talks to breast cancer survivor Rachael Jordan about her efforts to continue fundraising for Cancer Research during lockdown We'd love for supporters to join us and Race for Life at home. May 2, 2020 1394
Join in the Race for Life at home; Heather Large talks to breast cancer survivor Rachael Jordan about her efforts to continue fundraising for Cancer Research during lockdown. May 2, 2020 1407
Breast Cancer Risk Reduced in Women Over 50 who Lose Weight and Keep it Off. Clinical report May 1, 2020 242
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Protects the Heart and Slashes Breast Cancer Risk. Hopkins, Cheryl May 1, 2020 2032
Impact of the 2018 American Society of Clinical Oncology/College of American Pathologists HER2 Guideline Updates on HER2 Assessment in Breast Cancer With Equivocal HER2 Immunohistochemistry Results With Focus on Cases With HER2/CEP17 Ratio <2.0 and Average HER2 Copy Number [greater than or equal to] 4.0 and <6.0. Hoda, Raza S.; Brogi, Edi; Xu, Jin; Ventura, Katia; Ross, Dara S.; Dang, Chau; Robson, Mark; Norton, May 1, 2020 4537
Assessment of death risk of breast cancer patients with joint frailty models. Pasin, Ozge; Dirican, Ahmet; Ankarali, Handan; Disci, Rian; Karanlik, Hasan Report May 1, 2020 5204
Study finds spironolactone doesn't boost breast cancer recurrence. Jancin, Bruce May 1, 2020 477
Breast Cancer Self-Care Education and Payment to Advanced Practice Nurses: A Web-Based Research Study. Ko, Chung Mee; Koh, Chin Kang; Kwon, Sang Ho; Ko, Ji Woon Report May 1, 2020 5100
Clinicopathological and Prognostic Characteristics of Malaysian Triple Negative Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing TAC Chemotherapy Regimen. Aziz, Ahmad Aizat Abdul; Salleh, Md Salzihan Md; Ankathil, Ravindran Apr 30, 2020 3944
Female Breast Cancer Patients, Mastectomy-Related Quality of Life: Experience from Ethiopia. Abebe, Engida; Demilie, Kassaw; Lemmu, Befekadu; Abebe, Kirubel Apr 30, 2020 3791
Ethyl Acetate Fraction from Hedyotis diffusa plus Scutellaria barbata Suppresses Migration of Bone-Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells via OPN-FAK/ERK/NF-[kappa]B Axis. Fang, Ting; Yan, Ying-Xuan; Yang, Yue; Lv, Ya-Xin; Chang, Qing-Qi; Zhang, Dan-Dan Apr 30, 2020 3669
Lemon Balm Extracts Prevent Breast Cancer Progression In Vitro and In Ovo on Chorioallantoic Membrane Assay. Ghiulai, Roxana; Avram, Stefana; Stoian, Dana; Pavel, Ioana Zinuca; Coricovac, Dorina; Oprean, Camel Apr 30, 2020 12882
M1 Polarization but Anti-LPS-Induced Inflammation and Anti-MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cell Growth Effects of Five Selected Polysaccharides. Lin, Hsiao-Chien; Lin, Jin-Yuarn Apr 30, 2020 7866
Optimized Cylindrical Diffuser Powers for Interstitial PDT Breast Cancer Treatment Planning: A Simulation Study. Ismael, Fatimah S.; Amasha, Hani; Bachir, Wesam Apr 30, 2020 6031
Reproductive Risk Factors Associated with Breast Cancer Molecular Subtypes among Young Women in Northern China. Wang, Jian Ming; Wang, Jun; Zhao, Hong Guang; Liu, Tong Tong; Wang, Fei Yang Apr 30, 2020 8033
Exosomes Derived from Brain Metastatic Breast Cancer Cells Destroy the Blood-Brain Barrier by Carrying lncRNA GS1-600G8.5. Lu, Yunhe; Chen, Lei; Li, Liangdong; Cao, Yiqun Apr 30, 2020 5914
Genetic Variations in miR-30 Family Member Regulatory Regions Are Associated with Breast Cancer Risk in a Chinese Population. Zhou, Jing; Wang, Lijuan; Liu, Sijun; Zhou, Wen; Jiang, Yue; Du, Jiangbo; Dai, Juncheng; Jin, Guangf Apr 30, 2020 5601
Screening of a Novel Upregulated lncRNA, A2M-AS1, That Promotes Invasion and Migration and Signifies Poor Prognosis in Breast Cancer. Fang, Kai; Caixia, Hu; Xiufen, Zhang; Zijian, Guo; Li, Lihua Apr 30, 2020 5708
DHL Express, Baheya collaborate to support breast cancer patients amid Covid-19 pandemic. Daily News Egypt Apr 28, 2020 386
Clinical Correlation of Maximum Standardised Uptake Value (SUVmax) in Positron Emission Tomography--Computed Tomography (PET-CT) with Initial Disease Staging of Carcinoma Breast--An Observational Study at Indian Tertiary Care Centre. Periakaruppan, Gokulakrishnan; Sambasivam, Bharathi Vivekanadan; Murali, Arunan Report Apr 27, 2020 2238
FDA approves pill for aggressive breast cancer that's spread. Linda A. Johnson Associated Press Medical Writer Apr 20, 2020 335
Prue: My daughter adopted a child after breast cancer; Bake Off judge's emotional trip. EXCLUSIVE by Marc Baker Apr 12, 2020 511
Prue: My daughter adopted a child after breast cancer; Bake Off judge's emotional trip. Apr 12, 2020 475
The miracle 'beyond our wildest dreams': Breast cancer survivor talks motherhood against the odds; FEATURE; Told she may never have children, Leanne Hugglestone thought her first baby was a 'miracle' and is now expecting her second. Liz Day reports. Apr 11, 2020 3198
Breast cancer survivor reveals motherhood against all the odds. LIZ DAY Reporter Apr 6, 2020 1493
Drug 'stops tumours' in most common breast cancer. Apr 6, 2020 224
Nadia Jamil announces she has breast cancer. Apr 3, 2020 440
Recurrence rates and long-term survival factors in young women with breast cancer. Abdulwassi, Hassan K.; Amer, Ibrahim T.; Alhibshi, Ahmad H.; Alnajjar, Abdullah A.; Bahatheq, Abdulr Apr 1, 2020 4157
Sars-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Outbreak and Breast Cancer Surgery in Turkey. Cakmak, Guldeniz Karadeniz; Ozmen, Vahit Apr 1, 2020 2780
Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment and Follow-Up During COVID-19 Pandemic. Soran, Atilla; Brufsky, Adam; Gimbel, Michael; Diego, Emilia Disease/Disorder overview Apr 1, 2020 1433
360 Health Analysis (H360)--A Proposal For an Integrated Vision of Breast Cancer in Portugal. Coelho, Sara; Rego, Ines Brandao; Dionisio, Maria Rita; Cavaco-Silva, Joana; Semedo, Patricia Miguel Apr 1, 2020 6411
Extended Sentinel Node Biopsy in Breast Cancer Patients who Achieve Complete Nodal Response with Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy. Simoes Dornellas de Barros, Alfredo Carlos; de Andrade, Danubia Ariana Apr 1, 2020 5731
Investigating the Link between Lynch Syndrome and Breast Cancer. Sheehan, Megan; Heald, Brandie; Yanda, Courtney; Kelly, Erinn Downs; Grobmyer, Stephen; Eng, Charis; Apr 1, 2020 2392
The Correlation of Magee Equations[TM] and Oncotype DX[R] Recurrence Score From Core Needle Biopsy Tissues in Predicting Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in ER+ and HER2- Breast Cancer. Soran, Atilla; Tane, Kaori; Sezgin, Efe; Bhargava, Rohit Apr 1, 2020 6246
Breast Cancer Detection in Qatar: Evaluation of Mammography Image Quality Using A Standardized Assessment Tool. Narayan, Anand K.; Al-Naemi, Huda; Aly, Antar; Kharita, Mohammad Hassan; Khera, Ruhani Doda; Hajaj, Apr 1, 2020 2882
Clinicopathological Characteristics, Treatment and Outcome of 123 Patients with Synchronous or Metachronous Bilateral Breast Cancer in a Swiss Institutional Retrospective Series. Huber, Alexandre; Seidler, Stephanie J.; Huber, Daniela E. Apr 1, 2020 5060
The Composite Planning Technique in LeFt Sided Breast Cancer Radiotherapy: A Dosimetric Study. Kumawat, Naveen; Shrotriya, Anil Kumar; Heigrujam, Malhotra Singh; Kumar, Satendra; Semwal, Manoj Ku Apr 1, 2020 7940
The Joint Breast Cancer and Menopause Symptom Clinic Women Services, London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust. Apr 1, 2020 5772
Teacher, 38, 'handed a death sentence' after vital cancer op cancelled due to coronavirus; Rebecca Glenn was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, and was due to have a potentially lifesaving operation soon but it's now been postponed. By, Chris Slater & Jamie Hawkins Apr 1, 2020 672
CMS covers NGS tests for breast and ovarian cancer. Wilson, Linda Apr 1, 2020 740
Evaluation of the Role of hsa-mir-124 in Predicting Clinical Outcome in Breast Invasive Carcinoma Based on Bioinformatics Analysis. Feng, Tongbao; Zhang, Ping; Sun, Yingxin; Han, Xiu; Tong, Jichun; Hua, Zichun Mar 31, 2020 3320
Dosimetric Comparison of Three Radiotherapy Techniques in Irradiation of Left-Sided Breast Cancer Patients after Radical Mastectomy. Hu, Jian; Han, Guang; Lei, Yu; Xu, Ximing; Ge, Wei; Ruan, Changli; Chang, Sheng; Zhang, Aihua; Li, X Mar 31, 2020 6509
Identification of Long Noncoding RNAs as Predictors of Survival in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Based on Network Analysis. Li, Xiao-Xiao; Wang, Li-Juan; Hou, Jie; Liu, Hong-Yang; Wang, Rui; Wang, Chao; Xie, Wen-Hai Mar 31, 2020 8258
Aloe-Emodin Induces Breast Tumor Cell Apoptosis through Upregulation of miR-15a/miR-16-1 That Suppresses BCL2. Jiang, Xuefeng; Liu, Yusheng; Zhang, Guijuan; Lin, Shujun; Wu, Jieyan; Yan, Xianxin; Ma, Yi; Ma, Min Mar 31, 2020 4580
Technology boost for breast cancer battle. EMMA MORRICE Mar 31, 2020 439
Diagnostic, Prognostic, and Predictive Biomarkers in Breast Cancer. Li, Chia-Jung; Chen, Hui-Ming; Lai, Ji-Ching Mar 31, 2020 1000
Patterns of Anthracycline-Based Chemotherapy-Induced Adverse Drug Reactions and Their Impact on Relative Dose Intensity among Women with Breast Cancer in Ethiopia: A Prospective Observational Study. Gadisa, Diriba Alemayehu; Assefa, Mathewos; Tefera, Gosaye Mekonen; Yimer, Getnet Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 9514
Are Basal-Like and Non-Basal-Like Triple-Negative Breast Cancers Really Different? Dogra, Atika; Mehta, Anurag; Doval, Dinesh Chandra Mar 31, 2020 5185
Dual HER2 Blockade versus a Single Agent in Trastuzumab-Containing Regimens for HER2-Positive Early Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Yu, Liuwen; Fu, Fangmeng; Li, Jing; Huang, Meng; Zeng, Bangwei; Lin, Yuxiang; Mei, Qian; Lv, Jinxing Mar 31, 2020 9224
Somatic Mutations in HER2 and Implications for Current Treatment Paradigms in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer. Gaibar, Maria; Beltran, Laura; Romero-Lorca, Alicia; Fernandez-Santander, Ana; Novillo, Apolonia Mar 31, 2020 9336
Signal Transduction Pathways in Breast Cancer: The Important Role of PI3K/Akt/mTOR. Ortega, Miguel A.; Fraile-Martinez, Oscar; Asunsolo, Angel; Bujan, Julia; Garcia-Honduvilla, Natalio Mar 31, 2020 9033
The Application of Gail Model to Predict the Risk of Developing Breast Cancer among Jordanian Women. Abdel-Razeq, Hikmat; Zaru, Luna; Badheeb, Ahmed; Hijjawi, Shadi Mar 31, 2020 4074
Saving the Breast Saves the Lives of Breast Cancer Patients. Akbari, Mohammad Esmaeil; Khayamzadeh, Maryam; Mirzaei, Hamid Reza; Moradi, Afshin; Akbari, Atieh; M Mar 31, 2020 4977
Methods Used in Computer-Aided Diagnosis for Breast Cancer Detection Using Mammograms: A Review. Ramadan, Saleem Z. Mar 31, 2020 18395
Challenges, Coping Strategies, and Social Support among Breast Cancer Patients in Ghana. Benson, Ruth Boatemaa; Cobbold, Bernice; Boamah, Ellen Opoku; Akuoko, Cynthia Pomaa; Boateng, Daniel Mar 31, 2020 8115
Response to Dabrafenib and Trametinib of a Patient with Metaplastic Breast Carcinoma Harboring a BRAF V600E Mutation. Seo, Takuji; Noguchi, Emi; Yoshida, Masayuki; Mori, Taisuke; Tanioka, Maki; Sudo, Kazuki; Shimomura, Mar 31, 2020 3133
Elevated Soluble Galectin-3 as a Marker of Chemotherapy Efficacy in Breast Cancer Patients: A Prospective Study. Shafiq, Arooj; Moore, January; Suleman, Aliya; Faiz, Sabeen; Farooq, Omar; Arshad, Adnan; Tehseen, M Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 6976
Dye Disparity. Report Mar 22, 2020 552
Orange Egypt Participates in Baheya's Foundation "21 Days" Breast Cancer Campaign. Daily News Egypt Mar 22, 2020 342
It's like my mum's got a sixth sense.. she saved my life; BREAST CANCER MODEL ON JOY OVER SPENDING SPECIAL DAY WITH MOTHER AND HER FASHION SHOW INSPIRATION; Daughter's thanks for advice. Jenny Morrison Mar 22, 2020 1456
Girl's adorable words for mum left 'feeling like a monster' after breast cancer op; EXCLUSIVE: Suzanne Bell's joy at finding she was expecting her third child last February was shattered when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and told she would need a mastectomy to remove a tumour the size of a golf ball, as other cancer treatment would risk the life of her unborn child. By, Jamie Mountain Mar 21, 2020 1113
Worries as screening for breast cancer falls below 70%. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Mar 16, 2020 562
Sheriff accuses man of breast cancer lies. DANNY MCKAY Mar 14, 2020 380
Mum says incurable breast cancer diagnosis actually saved her marriage after split; Helen Blackmore, 44, had been separated from her husband Neil, 50, for almost a year when she noticed a lump in one of her breasts at home in Suffolk. By, Julia Sidwell Mar 14, 2020 766
A fat lot of good; Study finds a few extra pounds can cut the risk of breast cancer. MARTIN BAGOT Health Editor Mar 13, 2020 243
Players to don pink caps to observe breast cancer awareness day. Mar 8, 2020 336
'No stepping out' is life-influencing message of breast cancer thriver. Mar 6, 2020 1185
Pair sold horse scanner as breast cancer detector; WOMAN LEFT THOUSANDS OUT OF POCKET AFTER FALLING FOR FRAUD. DAVID HUNTLEY @davey_huntley Mar 4, 2020 916
Speaker for creating awareness among women against breast cancer. Mar 4, 2020 267
CytoDyn sees +remarkable outcomes' in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer trial for leronlimab. Mar 3, 2020 879
Thousands of UAE residents screened for breast cancer. Staff Report Mar 1, 2020 713
Kims Barwa conducts breast cancer awareness campaign. Mar 1, 2020 263
Weight Loss & Breast Cancer Risk. Mar 1, 2020 152
A new, long-term study indicates that a shorter course of high-dose radiation is as effective in treating breast cancer as a longer course, lower-dose treatment. Mar 1, 2020 183
What price beauty? A new study suggests that Using permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners increase the risk of developing breast cancer. Mar 1, 2020 181
Psychometric properties of the SV-RES Resilience Scale in Mexican women with breast cancer. Durand-Arias, Sol; Roldan-Hinojosa, Daniel; Orozco, Ricardo; Mora-Rios, Jazmin Mar 1, 2020 5054
Granulomatosis with polyangiitis with breast involvement mimicking metastatic cancer: Case report and literature review. Gadeyne, Laura; Henckaerts, Liesbet; Gofin, Karolien E.; Gheysens, Olivier; Lerut, Evelyne; Roskams, Mar 1, 2020 1852
Maternal and Early Postnatal Diet Supplemented with Conjugated Linoleic Acid Isomers Affect Lipid Profile in Hearts of Offspring Rats with Mammary Tumors. Bialek, Malgorzata; Bialek, Agnieszka; Czauderna, Marian Mar 1, 2020 13644
Bayesian and Frequentist Analytical Approaches Using Log-Normal and Gamma Frailty Parametric Models for Breast Cancer Mortality. Alotaibi, Refah Mohammed; Guure, Chris Report Mar 1, 2020 8900
The Acupuncture Answer: "[Joint pain] probably is the most-commonly cited reason breast cancer patients stop taking [aromatase inhibitors] medication.". Mapes, Diane Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 2604
Comparison between Arm Port and Chest Port for Optimal Vascular Access Port in Patients with Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Liu, Ye; Li, Li-Li; Xu, Lei; Feng, Dong-Dong; Cao, Yu; Mao, Xiao-Yun; Zheng, Jin; Jin, Feng; Chen, B Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 4848
Efficacy of Palbociclib and Endocrine Treatment in Heavily Pretreated Hormone Receptor-positive/HER2-negative Advanced Breast Cancer: Retrospective Multicenter Trial. Demir, Atakan; Mandel, Nil Molinas; Paydas, Semra; Demir, Gokhan; Er, Ozlem; Turhal, Nazim Serdal; B Mar 1, 2020 2696
Male Breast Cancer: Reevaluate Our Opinion. Kale, Santosh; Rammohan, Rajmohan; Vas, Vilma; Elsayad, Chris Mar 1, 2020 1135
Attenuated Total Reflection-Fourier Transform Infrared (ATR-FTIR) Spectroscopy Analysis of Saliva for Breast Cancer Diagnosis. Ferreira, Izabella C.C.; Aguiar, Emilia M.G.; Silva, Alinne T.F.; Santos, Leticia L.D.; Cardoso-Sous Mar 1, 2020 6904
AXL as a Target in Breast Cancer Therapy. Colavito, Sierra A. Mar 1, 2020 12255
Identification of a Modified HOXB9 mRNA in Breast Cancer. Nakashoji, Ayako; Hayashida, Tetsu; Kawai, Yuko; Kikuchi, Masayuki; Watanuki, Rurina; Yokoe, Takamic Mar 1, 2020 5095
Circulating Tumor DNA Using Tagged Targeted Deep Sequencing to Assess Minimal Residual Disease in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy. Cirmena, Gabriella; Garuti, Anna; de Mariano, Marilena; Coco, Simona; Ferrando, Lorenzo; Isnaldi, Ed Clinical report Mar 1, 2020 6943
Effects of BRCA Germline Mutations on Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Prognosis. Pogoda, Katarzyna; Niwinska, Anna; Sarnowska, ElZbieta; Nowakowska, Dorota; Jagiello-Gruszfeld, Agni Mar 1, 2020 5613
Seroprevalence of Human Betaretrovirus Surface Protein Antibodies in Patients with Breast Cancer and Liver Disease. Zhang, Guangzhi; Bashiri, Kiandokht; Kneteman, Mark; Cave, Kevan; Hong, Youngkee; Mackey, John R.; A Mar 1, 2020 6031
Microvascular Ultrasonic Imaging of Angiogenesis Identifies Tumors in a Murine Spontaneous Breast Cancer Model. Shelton, Sarah E.; Stone, Jodi; Gao, Fei; Zeng, Donglin; Dayton, Paul A. Mar 1, 2020 6030
High-Dose Toremifene as a Promising Candidate Therapy for Hormone Receptor-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer with Secondary Resistance to Aromatase Inhibitors. Fushimi, Atsushi; Tabei, Isao; Fuke, Azusa; Okamoto, Tomoyoshi; Takeyama, Hiroshi Mar 1, 2020 3666
Psychological, sociodemographic, and clinicopathological predictors of breast cancer patients' decision to undergo breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Marouf, Azmi; Mortada, Hatan; Fakiha, Mahmoud G. Mar 1, 2020 5318
Effect of GenX on P-Glycoprotein, Breast Cancer Resistance Protein, and Multidrug Resistance-Associated Protein 2 at the Blood-Brain Barrier. Cannon, Ronald E.; Richards, Alicia C.; Trexler, Andrew W.; Juberg, Christopher T.; Sinha, Birandra; Mar 1, 2020 8383
EVALUATION OF P53 AND KI67 PROLIFERATIVE INDEX IN TRIPLE NEGATIVE BREAST CARCINOMA. Farhan Akhtar, Mohammad Hassan Mohammad Ali, Muhammad Asif, Rabia Ahmed, Madeeha Anwar and Muhammad Feb 29, 2020 2874
Greenstar hosts a forum on Breast-Cancer and Family-Planning. Feb 29, 2020 299
Puma Biotechnology Receives US FDA Approval of Supplemental New Drug Application for Neratinib to Treat HER2-Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer. Feb 28, 2020 877
I thought how am I going to say I've got breast cancer - as a man? dad aims to raise awareness that disease doesn't just affect women. CHRIS SLATER @CHRISSLATERMEN Feb 27, 2020 759
Student uses 3D model to give fresh insight into cancer study; Shows how breast cancer cells interact with cells in the body. DAVID GODSALL Feb 26, 2020 777
Halozyme submits BLA for fixed-dose subcutaneous combination of Perjeta & Herceptin using ENHANZE technology to treat breast cancer. Feb 26, 2020 215
Halozyme submits BLA for fixed-dose subcutaneous combination of Perjeta & Herceptin using ENHANZE technology to treat breast cancer. Feb 26, 2020 211
Saved by the Pink Caravan Ride: Early detection helped Dubai Filipina survive breast cancer. Angel Tesorero, Staff Reporter Feb 25, 2020 877
Seed that will change how breast cancer is treated; MEDICS: IT'S A GAME CHANGER. JAMES CAIN Local democracy reporter @jimmymcain Feb 25, 2020 470
Music and prayer will raise breast cancer awareness. Feb 24, 2020 260
Breast cancer survivors create products to help others. Anne D'Innocenzio Associated Press Retail Writer Feb 24, 2020 991
Breast cancer survivors create own products to help others. Anne D'Innocenzio Associated Press Retail Writer Feb 24, 2020 991
I'm only 22, but I came back from holiday to be told I had breast cancer. CHARLOTTE HADFIELD ECHO Reporter @Charl_hadfield Feb 24, 2020 696
To Compare the Effects of Adjuvant and Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy on Outcome of Stage III Carcinoma Breast. Anand, Anupam Surya; Shinde, Raju Kamlakarrao Clinical report Feb 24, 2020 3500
Student, 22, discovers she has breast cancer after flying home from Ibiza; John Moores University student Ellie Graham flew back from Ibiza to be told she had stage three breast cancer, making her the youngest patient to be diagnosed with the disease at Linda McCartney centre. By, Charlotte Hadfield & Milo Boyd Feb 23, 2020 978
We were duped into smuggling cocaine now I could die in prison; DRUG CRUISE GRAN'S BREAST CANCER ANGUISH; EXCLUSIVE. From Dan Warburton inside Tires jail, Lisbon, Portugal Feb 23, 2020 1392
Men can get breast cancer too; but early detection is key to survival. Sharmila Dhal, UAE Deputy Editor Feb 22, 2020 333
Screening fears make breast cancer detection difficult. Ismail Sebugwaawo Feb 22, 2020 485
Cocaine smuggling gran says 'I was duped but now I could die in Portuguese jail'; Susan Clarke, 71, has been in a maximum-security jail in Portugal and now says she's battling breast cancer after being fooled into a drugs plot with husband Roger, 72. By, Dan Warburton Feb 22, 2020 1380
Psychosocial implications in breast cancer. Daniyal Aamir, Yamna Waseem and Mustafa Saleem Patel Feb 22, 2020 685
First baby in world born from eggs grown in lab and frozen after mum got cancer; Fertility doctors took and froze eggs from the mother, a then 29-year-old French woman, before she started chemotherapy for breast cancer, then successfully fertilised one and placed it in her womb five years later. By, Jemma Crew & Ryan Merrifield Feb 19, 2020 664
Breast cancer becomes commonest cancer in Pakistan: Expert. Feb 18, 2020 411
Breast cancer becomes common cancer in Pakistan: Dr. Ruffina. Feb 17, 2020 484
HBL PSL to observe childhood and breast cancer awareness days. Feb 17, 2020 787
Breast cancer becomes commonest cancer in Pakistan: Expert. Feb 17, 2020 413
I refused to let breast cancer get me down.. instead I let it take me Down Under; FORMER MODEL ON HOW FASHION SHOW GAVE HER THE COURAGE TO MOVE TO AUSTRALIA joy. Jenny Morrison Feb 16, 2020 1282
Mum gets breast cancer all-clear only to endure brain tumours; She can't know how long she has left. Kieran Murray Reporter Feb 16, 2020 467
UAE's Pink Caravan promotes breast cancer awareness. Gulf News Feb 15, 2020 549
US Merck's Keytruda in Combination with Chemotherapy Met Primary Endpoint of Progression-Free Survival as First-Line Treatment for Metastatic Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Feb 14, 2020 1258
Screening, diagnosis and genetic study of breast cancer patients in Pakistan. Ayesha Isani Majeed, Asmat Ullah, Muniba Jadoon, Wasim Ahmad and Sheikh Riazuddin Feb 14, 2020 2979
My dogs saved my life; Pets sniff out Linda's deadly breast cancer. adam aspinall Feb 14, 2020 223
Early detection can prevent breast, cervical cancer. Feb 13, 2020 796
Neoadjuvant Doxorubicin and Docetaxel in Breast Cancer Patients Applied Neutropenic Enterocolitis. Sirakaya, Hatice Asian; Inanc, Mevlude Disease/Disorder overview Feb 13, 2020 1202
Govt conducting awareness campaigns at schools, colleges to control breast cancer: Andaleeb. Feb 12, 2020 205
Breast cancer spreading in Pakistan: secretary. Feb 12, 2020 292
Nominate a breast cancer survivor for a free roof, courtesy of local contractor Heun: Kane County promotes more, safer bike riding. Feb 9, 2020 918
Nominate a breast cancer survivor for a free roof, courtesy of local contractor. Heun, By Dave Feb 9, 2020 924
Fahad Bin Jassim Kidney Centre dialysis patients undergo breast cancer screening. Feb 6, 2020 362
Fahad Bin Jassim Kidney Centre dialysis patients undergo breast cancer screening. Feb 6, 2020 381
Qiagen Launches FFPE and Liquid Biopsy PIK3CA Diagnostics in Europe to Enhance Precision Medicine in Advanced Breast Cancer. Feb 6, 2020 232
Awareness campaign causes rise in Nyeri breast cancer screening. Feb 6, 2020 653
Shannen Doherty: Breast cancer has returned, is now Stage 4. Associated Press Feb 5, 2020 349
Arora praises Baheya hospital for breast cancer. Egypt Today staff Feb 5, 2020 234
Sidra Medicine to prepare first national report on prognosis & molecular subtypes of breast cancer. Feb 4, 2020 532
Understanding Breast Cancer in Qatar and the Arab region starts with genetics. Feb 4, 2020 1009
'My amazing dogs sniffed out my breast cancer and saved my life' Linda Munkley began checking her breasts after one of her German shepherds repeatedly sniffed and butted her chest. She later found a lump and doctors diagnosed fast-growing breast cancer. Will Hayward reports. Will Hayward Feb 4, 2020 918
Front Row and VOX Cinemas to show 'Ordinary Love' for breast cancer awareness. Staff Reporter Feb 4, 2020 345
Sidra working on national report on breast cancer. Feb 3, 2020 388
Woman, 25, saved from stage three breast cancer thanks to her hair extensions; Laura Larkin from Livingston, West Lothian, was lucky to have noticed the lump in the right breast and had it removed before it developed to its final stage. By, Tiffany Lo Feb 2, 2020 420
Prince Andrew sent 'sick gag' about breast cancer in messages to friend; The Duke of York, reportedly text business associate Jonathan Rowland the message, which was allegedly forwarded to other acquaintances. By, Bradley Jolly Feb 2, 2020 245
'My dogs realised I had breast cancer and saved my life'; Linda Munkley began checking her breasts after one of her German shepherds repeatedly sniffed and butted her chest. She later found a lump and doctors diagnosed fast-growing breast cancer. Will Hayward Feb 1, 2020 974
German shepherds 'save owner's life' after detecting her breast cancer; Linda Munkley, from Bargoed, south Wales, says her dogs kept "headbutting" her chest and believes they were trying to tell her to get checked for breast cancer. By, Will Hayward Feb 1, 2020 754
Estrogen's Role in Mammary Cancer: New findings show estrogen may fight metastisis. Feb 1, 2020 551
Breast cancer chemoprophylaxis in high-risk women: How persistent is the impact of an aromatase inhibitor after 5 years of use? Kaunitz, Andrew M. Feb 1, 2020 843
The Holistic Benefits of Nature-Based Therapy for Women with Breast Cancer. Beil, Kurt Feb 1, 2020 3447
Suicidal while receiving treatment for breast cancer. Chopra, Deepti; Baile, Walter F. Feb 1, 2020 3402
Role of TET Dioxygenases and DNA Hydroxymethylation in Bisphenols-Stimulated Proliferation of Breast Cancer Cells. Li, Zhe; Lyu, Cong; Ren, Yun; Wang, Hailin Feb 1, 2020 12364
Study reveals increase in male breast cancer. DAVID PROCTOR AND HAMISH PENMAN Jan 30, 2020 458
Cases of breast cancer in males at 25-year high; Health: Trend is 'most pronounced' in the north. KAITLIN EASTON Jan 30, 2020 310
What happens when your breasts get checked out... Breast screening reduces the number of deaths from breast cancer by about 1,300 a year across the UK. Here, Mark Smith outlines exactly what happens both during and after the tests are carried out... Mark Smith Jan 29, 2020 896
Instagram tries to ban woman with breast cancer after she posts photos of nipple tattoos; Laura Henrietta, 31, was accused of "sexual activity" for posted a video of her receiving reconstructive 3D nipple tattoos after losing her breasts. By, Shivali Best Jan 29, 2020 557
Pink Caravan breast cancer awareness ride dates announced. Staff Report Jan 28, 2020 450
Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Global Clinical Trials Review, H2, 2019 - Pfizer Inc, Novartis AG, Eisai Co Ltd & Bayer AG. Jan 28, 2020 677
Updated Guidelines Issued for ER, PgR Testing in Breast Cancer; Clinicians should be prepared to discuss limited data for benefit of endocrine tx in ER-low positive cases. Jan 27, 2020 298
What happens when your breasts get checked out... Breast screening reduces the number of deaths from breast cancer by about 1,300 a year across the UK. Here, Mark Smith outlines exactly what happens both during and after the tests are carried out... Mark Smith Jan 27, 2020 894
Rates of breast cancer in scots men doubles as experts suggest pesticides could be linked to countryside cases; Scientists call for more research into concerns that crop chemicals may be a factor fuelling rising rate of disease. Toby McDonald Jan 26, 2020 1721
Bromley breast cancer mum and former nurse speaks out about 'stressed' NHS; Macmillan research has found that a Londoner is diagnosed with cancer every 15 minutes. Angie Quinn Jan 26, 2020 580
MP's 'tough' election fight while battling breast cancer. PAUL BRITTON @PAULBRITTONMEN Jan 25, 2020 444
Study reveals eating yogurt may help lessen risk of breast cancer. ANI Jan 24, 2020 457
The impact of hormone receptor status on survival and recurrence of HER2-positive breast cancers in standard adjuvant setting: A retrospective study in Tehran, Iran. Safa Najafi, Masoud Sadeghi, Mohammad Reza Shajari, Fatemeh Abasvandi and Kamran Mohebi Jan 24, 2020 3198
In vitro cytotoxic activity of Zaleya Pentandra L. Extracts against the breast cancer adenocarcinoma cell line MCF-7. Tahira Aziz Mughal, Fazilat Aslam, Zubaida Yousaf, Numrah Nisar and Ping Chung Leung Jan 24, 2020 3800
Director Health organize Breast Cancer awareness session. Jan 23, 2020 240
CytoDyn's impressive run continues for leronlimab in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer and metastatic breast cancer. Jan 23, 2020 689
CytoDyn reveals more promising results from its clinical trials in breast cancer. Jan 23, 2020 133
SIUT opens breast cancer ward. Jan 21, 2020 288
SIUT expands its clinical ambit and opens Breast Cancer Ward. Jan 21, 2020 354
Azra inaugurates 'Breast Cancer Ward' at SIUT. Jan 21, 2020 192
Azra inaugurates 'Breast Cancer Ward' at SIUT. Jan 20, 2020 348
Breast Cancer Ward Opened at SIUT - Press Release issued by Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation. Jan 20, 2020 259
53,000 women missed breast cancer screening; New figures show only two thirds took up invite for checks. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Jan 20, 2020 263
Over 25,000 undergo screening for bowel, breast cancers in 2019. Jan 20, 2020 481
CytoDyn files for breakthrough therapy status in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. Jan 17, 2020 131
How Lack of Insurance Affects Breast Cancer Survival. Jan 17, 2020 330
Anixa Biosciences commercializing its Ccheck prostate cancer test, working on breast cancer vaccine. Jan 16, 2020 124
Lack of Insurance Tied to Later Stage of Breast Cancer at Diagnosis; Almost half of higher stage of disease at diagnosis in racial/ethnic minorities explained by insurance status. Jan 16, 2020 330
Serine Threonine Protein Kinase PLK1, Pipeline Review, H2 2019 - Leukemia, Breast Cancer, Hodgkin Lymphona & Rhabdomyosarcoma. Jan 15, 2020 1204
Woman's terminal cancer shock at 27; 'I was told I was too young to have breast cancer at 27 - now it's terminal'. MARK SMITH Health correspondent Jan 14, 2020 770
'I was told I was too young to have breast cancer at 27 - now it's terminal'. mark smith Health correspondent Jan 14, 2020 759
Global Breast Cancer Drug Market Offers US$ 40 Billion Market Opportunity Across Multiple Drug Classes Like Vaccines, Antibodies, Small Molecule, Peptides & Radiopharmaceuticals. Jan 14, 2020 1069
Woman, 27, who was told she was too young to have breast cancer now terminal; Sherrie Deacon claims NHS staff at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board told her she was too young to have breast cancer before she was diagnosed with an incurable form of the disease. By, Mark Smith & Milo Boyd Jan 14, 2020 676
CytoDyn files for breakthrough therapy status for leronlimab in metastatic triple-negative breast cancer. Jan 14, 2020 758
Father and daughter both diagnosed with cancer at the same time; Jessica Duffield, 22, is battling breast cancer for the second time while her dad is fighting kidney cancer. The 22-year-old has been forced to defer her third year at university as a result. By, Fahad Tariq & Tanveer Mann Jan 13, 2020 602
Cyprus breast cancer screening rates among worst in EU. fm Jan 9, 2020 419
Cyprus ranks fourth lowest in the EU for breast cancer testing. Staff Reporter Jan 9, 2020 186
Comprehensive Map of Risk of Breast Cancer Risk. Jan 8, 2020 845
Imaging Innovations for Breast Cancer Diagnosis 2019 - Advances in Digital Technologies Enabling Early & Accurate Disease Diagnosis in FemTech Industry. Jan 8, 2020 613
Cancer Mortality Continuing to Drop, With Lung Cancer a Driver; However, decreases in cancer mortality slowed for female breast cancer and CRC, ceased for prostate cancer. Jan 8, 2020 270
'Milk decreases breast cancer risk by 42%'. Jan 8, 2020 401
Health Highlights: Jan. 7, 2020; American Embassy in China Issues Health Alert Over Mystery Illness 'Prozac Nation' Author Elizabeth Wurtzel Dies of Breast Cancer at 52 Whole Milk May Lower Children's Obesity Risk Health Claims on Gwyneth Paltrow's New Netflix 'Goop' Show Raise Concerns. Jan 7, 2020 560
Breast Cancer Patients Should Avoid Supplements During Treatment. Darwin Malicdem Jan 7, 2020 440
Breast cancer service offering checks; HEALTHCARE. RACHEL LEE Jan 7, 2020 250
More Education Needed on Breast Density and Screening Choices; Women largely do not know breast density ups risk for breast cancer even in U.S. states with notification. Jan 6, 2020 276
MMC holds a seminar on breast cancer. Jan 4, 2020 122
AI Beats Doctors In Finding Breast Cancer. Darwin Malicdem Jan 2, 2020 366
Google AI to make breast cancer diagnosis more accurate. ANI Jan 2, 2020 421
Leisure-Time Physical Activity Linked to Lower Cancer Risk; Risk lower for seven types of cancer including colon, breast, kidney with recommended amounts of PA. Jan 2, 2020 251
AI System Outperforms Radiologists in Breast Cancer Prediction; Reduction seen in false positives, false negatives in datasets from the United Kingdom, United States. Jan 2, 2020 261
Google System Can Improve Breast Cancer Detection, Study Finds. Jan 2, 2020 691

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