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Breakthrough for hepatitis vaccine.

Cuba has developed the first monoclonal antibody from transgenic plants--dubbed a "plantibody"--used in making a human vaccine, reports AFP (June 26, 2006):

The antibody, CB-Hep.1, is from an "ancestor" of the tobacco plant. It replaces an antibody obtained from mice in Cuba's manufacturing of the hepatitis B vaccine, researchers said, Carlos Borroto, deputy director at Cuba's Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Center (CIGB) here, said the plantibody won approval from Cuba's medication quality control agency. CB-Hep.1 is the first plantibody authorized anywhere in the world for manufacturing a vaccine. It is just the second approved for human use, after one approved in the US for treating tooth decay;

The plantibody won approval on April 11 and is being used in manufacturing the vaccine. Borroto said "145 million doses have been exploited and not a single problem in their use has been reported." Cuba, he added, has several plantibody projects, including one to be used as a cancer treatment, from the same plant, noting that "a number of major international companies are looking for a partnership with us."
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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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